Preview | Eville

Preview | Eville

LifeisXbox’s Eville preview | You’ve probably heard of this little game called Among Us, unless you’ve been living under an anti-digital rock the past year. Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game that a lot of friend groups enjoyed quite a lot during this pandemic. It’s a game that offered a way for friends to connect and laugh with each other while meeting up in real life was not possible. Now, if you enjoyed this particular game, then you might want to take the next step and keep an eye out for this upcoming game called Eville, developed by VestGames!

Eville explained

Eville is a multiplayer social deduction game inspired by others such as the popular Werewolves. In Eville, you take on the role of either a villager or a conspirator, and you get a unique role (like a Ghost Whisperer, Mayor, or Thief). You’ll find yourself in a village that is riddled by a series of murders being committed by the conspirators. Innocent villagers must try to stay alive while figuring out who the murderers are. Of course, the evil players also get a say in who gets voted out. Manipulating, lying, and staying off the radar are key here for the bad guys, while the innocents must constantly be able to convince and defend themselves against accusations. Voting will take place during the day, while conspirators get to work during the nighttime.

Every character has specific role abilities that can be used to their advantage. Villagers can use their abilities and social skills to found out who murdered their dead friends, but they can also brew potions to save themselves or others. Some can even talk to the ghosts of the dead players or see footsteps that can help you decide who is guilty! During the day, both villagers and conspirators can hunt down small quests or visit the vendor.

An introvert opinion on the matter

I liked that you are given a random role and you have no say in whether you play as a villager or conspirator. Unlike in Among Us, you actually get a role assigned to you and you’re not a random player like everyone else. For example, a Seer can place magical wards and observes other players during the night. The medieval village you spent your time in, is quite good-looking, and the gameplay is fun. At least it could be with friends. You need at least six players to play this game, and I’m a very introverted person that doesn’t know a lot of people. I ended up playing with a bunch of strangers that all knew each other from previous Eville games. And if I’m being totally honest, it gave me quite a lot of anxiety playing with total strangers that got on so well. So a fair warning to people like me, hah! Looking at the gameplay from an objective perspective though, I did get the feeling that Eville would be immensely fun if played with a group of friends! It’s an elaborate game with a lot of elements already, so I’m very curious to see what else VestGames will introduce in the final launch. Be aware that Eville takes a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, this might just be your new and improved Among Us game for those gaming evenings with friends!