Patrick’s Xbox One Q1 experience

The LifeisXbox crew talks about how good and bad the first quarter was for Xbox One. With three favorites and the most disappointing game. First up is Patrick!

For Honor from Ubisoft
Why? The combat just feels so good, especially when you start to master a hero. Even now the environments still please me and I sometimes discover new details when roaming a map.

Most memorable gameplay moment: Playing with Jim against a stacked team with maxed out gear while we had low levels in Dominion and we ended up with all four opponents rage quitting when we destroyed them despite our gear disadvantage.

Mass Effect: Andromeda from Electronic Arts
Why? Despite having some issues, the grand scope of this game is undeniable. I really feel like discovering and colonizing a new galaxy. Multiplayer is chaotic but plays pretty well, when it doesn’t lag.

Most memorable gameplay moment: Establishing my first outpost in single player. I really felt invested and having accomplished something meaningful.

Trove from Trion Worlds, Inc.
Why? This free to play game offers a nice hybrid between Minecraft and more regular MMORPG gameplay. You can design and build but also run dungeons and even some raids. Loot and resources are shared with people nearby taking the pain out of grouping and preventing ninja looting.

Most memorable gameplay moment: Expanding my own club world by terraforming a new biome for the first time.

Most disappointing Q1 game:

Why? I followed this game since a very early alpha build on PC and the quality just seems to have declined over time instead of improved. The Xbox One version was pretty much unplayable upon release.

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