Our favorites versus Trifox

Our favorites versus Trifox

We have published our review for Trifox a while ago, you can read it here! Trifox had a little bit of time for us to talk about why his game is better than three of our writer’s favorites when it comes to platformers. Trifox was in the neighborhood of LifeisXbox’s HQ so we are able to post some of his reactions.

AARON | My favorite platformer is Super Mario 3D World. The fact it has new outfits for Mario to wear, new characters, and a deviation from the traditional side-scroller platformer made it instantly stand out for me. Being able to run around & explore every inch of the world was refreshing to me. Whilst it wasn’t the first time Nintendo had done something like this, it was in my opinion the strongest platformer they had done in this style. The world’s popped with bright colors & there were some great mechanics to accompany it.

VERSUS TRIFOX | Hi Aaron, you will love to play my game if you loved the outfits in Mario. In my superior game, you can completely change my looks depending on my fighting abilities. You’ll be able to explore my bright levels too, as every level has multiple secrets and easter eggs. I think what you will love the most are all my combat mechanics, mage, engineer or simply bashing enemies with an axe… I can do it all!

COLOMBO | I never really thought about it, and it’s hard to pick just one, but I’ll talk about one I used to play a lot in my late childhood/early adolescence: the PS2 version of Ratatouille. I already loved the movie, and the game was no different. There were interesting minigames, a soundtrack, and some pretty unique levels in imaginary culinary worlds that deviated quite a bit from the movie, but still were quite interesting-looking.

VERSUS TRIFOX | Hi Colombo! PS2 is far behind my time but I can imagine how cool it must have been to do some platforming sections in the culinary world. I like to jam on my soundtrack, so I’m pretty sure you’ll like my music too! If you decide to play my game, I’m sure you’ll do that, I can promise you that I can surprise you with a few drastic gameplay changes. I’m not a big fan of minigames so I didn’t want that in my game but I do have mechanical differences in gameplay. And don’t forget about my kick-ass combat moves!

ROBBY | Spyro is one of my all-time favorite platformers because of how much it respects player time. Each gem you collect is instantly saved so you can even quit the game and have the progress logged for your next session. It’s also very colorful, controls great and really only has some very minor frustrations (all the racing-like segments). I absolutely loved getting the 3000G on Xbox and even made Spyro my first “expensive statue” purchase recently.

VERSUS TRIFOX | Mister Robby! You’re name sounds familiar for some reason. You had any hands in the success of my game, perhaps? Anyway, that little dragon is no match for my rocket turrets and magical powers. His fire breath is something I can easily block with my shield! But we’re not here to see who’s the strongest platformer character… if you liked that purple dragon you’ll like my game for all the secret chests and I have a colorful personality too! I don’t have 3000 Gamerscore but my 1000 isn’t that hard to earn either. Oh wait… now I remember you! You’re that PR-dude from Pirate PR!