Oh My Godheads Review

Oh My Godheads Review

Developed by the Spanish studio Titutitech and published by Square Enix through Square Enix Collective program, Oh My Godheads is an arena multiplayer game where up to 4 players compete in frantic mini games that involve capturing a giant head or eliminating your enemies. Grab your swords, axes, staffs or magic sticks, prepare your pie bombs and follow us into this review.



  • I’m sure you’ve already played others capture-the-flag games before, probably in your favorite shooter. What makes Oh My Godheads’ so special is that your flag or giant head, to be more precise, are angry and ready to make a mess on your gameplay. For instance, Zeus launches a lighting storm that can kill your foes while Skadi will turn you and your enemies into ice cubes. To hold the Godhead or to throw them in your enemies require some strategy to score some points.
  • Besides the Godhead, arenas also contain power ups that increment the gameplay: you’ve got explosive pies, grenades, smoke bombs, and more to make your battles even more frantic.
  • Oh My Godheads is a game designed to be enjoyed with friends. Up to 4 players (only local, though) compete in four different game modes: Capture-the-head (a reinvention of the CTF since your flag, in this case, is a giant head with special abilities), King of the head (a king of the hill where you must hold the head for as long as possible to score a point), Headhunters (a battle mode, with no giant heads in the arena) and Last man standing (an elimination – or battle royal, if you prefer, since it’s on vogue – where the survivor wins). There’s also a single player mode, Trials, with a series of challenges of increasing difficult that helps you improve your skills.
  • Battles happen in 10 different arenas in different places around the globe from an Aztec pyramid to a sky city, each one very colorful and very animated. Some of them hides threats that can kill those unaware or distracted. Remember to use them in your favor.
  • The art for the game is great. Its graphics aren’t top-notch, but they have personality: they’re simple and very colorful. Characters have small expressions (one of my favorites is their celebration pose/run) that are funny. Music is great and gives the right tone for all the action.



  • The only five game modes (four if you ignore the single player Trials), aren’t enough to keep you interested in long sessions. Prefer to play always with some friends, be it on free-for-all or in teams to extend your enjoyment. When playing solo, more challenges in trials would be more than welcome to prolong its lifespan.
  • While playing with NPCs, computer will always control the same character, be it one or three bots. It’d be better to let players choose the enemies or allies controlled by the computer.


  • I love the share a couch with friends to play multiplayer games like this, but I understand not everybody can play like this. So not to include an online multiplayer for this kind of game is a missed opportunity.
  • Game is a little expensive for few content. I hope developers can add more game modes, arenas, characters and items in future expansions for the game.


Oh My Godheads is a great game for players of all ages. Its minigames, although few, are funny and challenging, making it a perfect call for game sessions accompanied by friends. Though the lack of more content may end up diminishing interest on this title, it’s a game you won’t regret to give a try. The excitement is granted!

 Dev: Titutitech Publisher: Square Enix
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Xbox One   | LifeisXbox received a digital review code,  provided by Square Enix.