MXGP Pro Review


Developer: Milestone
Publisher:  Milestone
Here we are again, the Italian  Milestone is at it once again. I lost my count with all the Xbox One games that they have released so far, mostly with a bike focus. MXGP Pro is the official Motocross Championship game, as we know with Milestone’s Valentino Rossi, the dev has a pretty decent reputation when it comes down to fan service.  Clean your clutch and let us check if Milestone’s other reputation of releasing mediocre games stands too!

What do you do?

Do I really need to explain what you do in a Motocross Championship game? You ride your bike around the official tracks and try to beat the real life riders from the 2017 season.

What is good?

  • Visuals:  Gravel was the first time that Milestone could surprise me with some good visuals. MXGP Pro adds even more when it comes to visual eye candy.  Sand particles fly everywhere, undergrounds seem to change mid-race and look absolutely fantastic. The practise compound, located in a forest looks almost photo-realistic. Dirt realistically builds up on your bike and the lighting effects look pretty much perfect.
  • Fan service: Milestone is tremendous when it comes with licenses, as always the love for the actual sport or riders leaks from the screen. While they don’t surpass the previously mentioned Valentino Rossi it is still awesome to see all the official tracks and rider names.
  • Helmet camera: Lots of games have a cockpit or FPS-camera but the helmet camera is really nice to play with. It is pretty sad to see that only 2% of the players have the Achievement for playing a lap with this camera-mode. Anyway, the action feels even more intense and the visuals really shine too!

Mixed feelings.

  • Difficulty: Finishing the 30 training challenges will be difficult enough, winning races above the easy-mode is a task too. I’m not ashamed to say that MXGP Pro was a very difficult game for me
  • Physics: Controls aren’t how it should be but the same can be said for the physics. Landing it what seems a perfect jump and still falling for no reason seems to happen more than it should.

What is bad?

  • Controls: I never felt comfortable while playing MXGP Pro, even simple turns can go completely wrong. Luckily you have a flashback-option, so you can make up your disastrous mistakes but if I’m honest I really had to use it a lot because a turn didn’t go as I planned. Especially performing a successful scrub manoeuvre is quite difficult.

MXGP Pro [Score: 61%] Milestone delivered a very decent looking racing game but as always the game remains pretty mediocre, fun but a little quirky.