Minimax Tinyverse

Minimax Tinyverse

O’olBlue Inc., an independent Korean studio, released their FTP real-time strategy tower-brawler Minimax Tinyverse at the end of last year. The game lets you be a mastermind, a God, a minion master, whatever you want to be. One thing’s for sure: you get to rule over the Tinyverse! It’s totally up to you to lead your MINIs and their tiny army to victory. Minimax Tinyverse is currently still in Early Access on Steam and while the basic game is free, the DLC is definitely not. Let’s check it out!

Pick the hand you wish and control your MINIs with it.
  • Music: The soundtrack is SO ADORABLE, especially when you’re in the menu. It’s like a little weird guy is singing the same thing over again and honestly, I thought it would get annoying real fast, even though I loved it. But it didn’t! I kept enjoying it and almost started dancing to it, can you imagine?! The sounds during battle are there like they should be and winning is extra fun because your little minions will get all excited and start yelling ‘Hooray!’.  
  • Combat: Things can get chaotic at times, since you can keep calling in new tropes when they’re loaded, and everyone is fighting everywhere. You also have to keep checking the ‘secret’ sewers for incoming attacks, making things even more intense and chaotic. But the chaos works perfectly in Minimax Tinyverse. You’re in a constant state of excitement because of the intense battles going on.  
  • Guide: Don’t say you don’t understand this game when playing because it’s impossible. The game offers so much guidance, it’s amazing! If you’re new to MOBA games or just not a big gamer, you’ll still get the hang of this one in no time. So, there’s your basic tutorial to explain you the basics of the game, but besides this, you can also count on YouTube tutorial videos, a guide book, a gamepedia that explains how to play, and a recommended team build. If that ain’t enough options, I don’t know what is.
  • Graphics: The game offers some wonderful art. It gives you a bit of a childish feeling right from the start, but it still manages to amaze with a fantasy theme fit for all audiences. The colorful backgrounds and diverse characters all fit together in the wonderful tinyverse that was created by the developers.
Part of the battlefield.
  • Lack of challenge: Okay, so you fight online against other players worldwide and you’re trying to beat each other. Whoever wins, gets rewards, which can get earn you a higher place on the leader board. You also get gems which can be used to buy for example new ‘miracles’ (which are the attacks in this game). This is all great, but besides trying to beat your opponent and unlocking new things, I did constantly lack the feeling of real challenge. Since matches don’t last very long, I never quite felt like I réally achieved something?
  • Battlefield: The field on which you are playing is really cute and cool, but why oh why isn’t there more than one battlefield? Since the graphics in this game are so adorable and wonderful, various battlefields would be so cool! I really think this could be a real win if the developers implemented this in the game at some pointed. And you know, players could get assigned to a battlefield at random. But a little more variation, thank you!
Mauitje vs. who now?
  • Pricy DLC: It’s amazing that such a fun and intense game is free to play, wow! But then there’s the DLC that sets you back 21 Euros. What? The DLC ‘Two Realms Pack’ allows you to remove all the realm-locks on any locked character and miracle (attack). It also provides the necessary gems to obtain them for both realms. Honestly, you’ll be fine without the DLC. Sure, if you’re really really really into this game and you become a hardcore fan, then I surely recommend the Two Realms Pack. But if not, the basic, free-to-play game will definitely suffice.

Score: 75%
Minimax Tinyverse is an intense, fun and wonderful game for sure. It offers great combat and beautiful, bright graphics. The developers still have to put in some extra work in coming updates, like maybe adding a little more challenge and maybe adding some new cool battlefields. Since the game is currently free-to-play, I recommend you all check it out right now, even if it’s just for a short and intense battle. If you find yourself really digging the game, the DLC might be valuable for you, but if you just enjoy the game, don’t bother.

Developer: O’olBlue Inc. Publisher: O’olBlue Inc. 
Played on: PC
Perfect for:  real-time tower-rush fans
Steam game store link: click here

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