Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Review

Review Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom | You have got to applaud publisher Artifex Mundi for bringing so many games for Xbox One, their latest is Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom. What did we think about this new  point and click search game? Find out in this review!


  • Visually the game isn’t outstanding but the atmosphere is really great. The art style is fantastic and definitely raises the overall graphics factor. Each level is extremely detailed and original, creating some kind of believable game world that really feels alive.
  • I loved the magical story, it was a little predictable but I liked the mysterious back story and story twists. Mini games felt more believable and an integrated part in the plot.


  • For those that played previous games from Artifex Mundi, you will immediately notice that Lost Grimoires is missing an alternative for finding objects. So if you don’t understand English that well, you will have no alternative way of solving the hiding object puzzles. Luckily you have your best friend Google for words that you don’t know. This means that you won’t have to do a forced second play through for getting that full 1000 Gamerscore, if you found all Kestral symbols in your first play through.  To be fair, I don’t really mind it that much… I solely play this for the hidden object puzzles so I only played the other mini-games for achievements.
  • I’m not sure but Lost Grimoires has a lot less hidden object puzzles than previous Artifex Mundi games. My reason for playing their games is for the search puzzles so I was a little disappointed. In exchange the game has something new called potion mixing, a really fun, but easy mini game where players must rotate color circles so it looks the same as the example.
  • Lost Grimoires is by far the most easy adventure game from the studio, for me that leans more to the negative side because I prefer some harder puzzles. On the positive side, this also means that all ages can play the game and that everyone can enjoy it without getting stuck. That said, getting stuck is never an issue because all Artifex Mundi games have a skip option if you are stuck for quite some time.


  • Little replay value besides finding all Kestral symbols and pretty short story wise. It’s a shame, previous games from Artifex Mundi took a little longer and had a bonus chapter. Oh well.. the most important thing is that each hour was a fun one.

Score: 62% | Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom is my least favorite Artifex Mundi game, it didn’t have that much hidden object puzzles and it was shorter than expected. I can still recommend getting the game, if you love adventure puzzle games.