Lily’s Epic Quest for Lost Gems Review

Lily’s Epic Quest for Lost Gems Review

Lily’s Epic Quest for Lost Gems

Lily’s Epic Quest for Lost gems is a pretty unique gem matching game that mixes Bejeweled with Digger. Dutch developer Studio Craft brings this atypical game for Xbox. Clearly designed for mobile Lily’s Epic Quest still remains really fun to play, although a few bumps are along her way for finding those lost gems. Let us dig deeper in this review, shall we?¬†


  • As with all gem matching games Lily’s Quest is perfectly playable for all ages. You don’t only have to match gems but you’ll also need to control Lily around the map with the right analogue stick.¬† As you control Lily you’ll try to find treasures and complete each challenge that you can find in the 150 levels. This will become repetitive but this game isn’t made to be played hours and hours straight, Lily’s Quest is the perfect game to play between other games or when you have a couple of minutes to play something.
  • Visually the developer tried to go with a cute look and that worked most of the time. The graphics aren’t the most vibrant or beautiful but it gets the job done.¬† It is a nice touch that you can look at some of the found treasures (collectibles) too.


  • Moving around Lily is a big part of the gameplay but I really feel that movement could have been a little bit faster, moving left or right and climbing or¬†descending ladders can become a little tiresome.
  • I wasn’t really a fan about the forced limitations, quickly enough you will bump on different blocks that can only be destroyed by upgrading your pickaxe, this happens¬†gradually by removing blocks but it is a long process.¬† This becomes a problem (solved by grinding) when you get more difficult challenges for finding three treasures for example.


  • One thing that is absolutely¬†atrocious in Lily’s Quest is the audio.¬† You can clearly see that the game was not really aimed for consoles in this department. From repetitive basic sound effects to a constant loop annoying music tune. Xbox luckily has the option to play background music with Spotify, so it was pretty much the first thing I did. Turned off the music and limit the game sound to have an enjoyable experience.

Lily’s Epic Quest for Lost Gems [Score: 66%]¬†The gem matching genre is my cup of tea, playing as Lily was fun but a few things made the game less enjoyable than it could be. Everything considered, especially the cheap price the game is still something I can recommend for all gamers.¬†