LifeisXbox Weekly Recap (31/10-04/11)

You can expect our Weekly Recap every friday, with the latest new game announcements, the biggest news of the week, Latest reviews, the best community reactions and more! 

New announced games

  • LIMBO and Blue Dragon are now backwards compatible for Xbox One!
  • KING Art Games is happy to announce that TRS-game Iron Harvest will be out for Xbox One in 2018. (More information)
  • Bastion, a wonderful and unique Xbox 360 indie-game is finally coming for Xbox One on December 12. Good news for those that already bought it, you can download it for free on your Xbox One! (More Information)

Latest Reviews

Only three reviews this week but I reviewed two pretty big games that many gamers will hopefully buy. I had a blast with Dragon Ball so I hope you’ll pick that one up!

  1.  Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2  (LINK) score: 84%
  2. Skyrim: Special Edition (LINK) score: 80%
  3. Kyurinaga’s Revenge (LINK) score: 62%

  1. Russian review for ReCore from RusUgly (LINK)

Best Community Reactions

Steven Linthicum about Call of Duty’s lenghty install times: “can they make it take any fucking longer to download”

Leticia joined LifeisXbox’s Call of Duty giveaway and had this funny thing to say: Kit Harington IN THIS!! 😀 PICK MEEE

MHercie isn’t afraid to tell the truth about the price for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Legacy Edition: They have made enough money off the franchise and ingame purchases, they should think more about the average gamers pockets 🙁

You can expect these reviews to be published next week on LifeisXbox

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare | Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered | Xenoraid | *More games are possible depending on review opportunities.