LifeisBelgian #2 | Shredders edition

LifeisBelgian #2 | Shredders edition

Belgium might be a small country but we have some incredible talent and some awesome games! In LifeisBelgian we take a look at what happened in the Belgian gaming scene. I’m happy to announce that the first #LifeisBelgian had over 15.000 views! We took a look at Rise of Humanity and for this edition, we go to a colder place, the place of Shredders!


A new star in the sky

We would like to begin by expressing our support to the family and friends from GuerrillaDawg. I have some history with and while we never really talked I was really shocked to know about the early passing of Wim.

Game announcement from LuGus Studios: Liftoff: Micro Drones and acquisition from Red Cat Holdings

We absolutely loved Liftoff on Xbox, so it is only normal that we are really excited about Liftoff: Micro Drones.
Fully customizable drones fly it out in single-player or multiplayer, with Liftoff’s great realistic flight experience. Maybe even bigger news is that Red Cat Holdings announced the signing of a letter of intent to acquire LuGus Studios.  They believe that Liftoff can be the leading platform for simulating the flight experience that new drone pilots need to complete their training and we completely agree with that!

Vote for the Belgian selected games for Unfold Games Awards

Vote here! Your support for one of the Belgian games will be highly appreciated! You can vote on Sizeable, Trifox or You Suck At Parking. Qualifying titles are displayed in random order, so just take a look at the list and vote for your favourite Belgian game!

Belgian Game Awards

The submission deadline is almost over for BGA21, so hurry up devs if you want to submit your game! A nice selection of games made a submission, we’re really looking forward to seeing who’s taking all the awards home!

Belgian winner at BIG Festival — Latin America’s Largest Indie Games Festival

Congrats Studio Waterzooi for winning the award BIG Impact: Educational for Please, Touch the Artwork! 50 international professionals picked the Belgian game over some fierce competition! the other nominees were Escoteiros Espaciais, Neon Noodles, Super SUS and Thinktank.

Who doesn’t love this?!

Still familiar with Cybernetic Walrus, right? They had our spotlight in the previous edition with Rise of Humanity. For National Pet Month they shared a few cuties. We can discuss for hours what is better, a cat or dog but one thing is for sure! All of them are insanely cute! Feel free to tag us with your pet pictures, we’re never bored of seeing them!

Be in the next LifeisBelgian edition!

Everything is welcome, new screenshots or a brand new trailer. A game announcement for a new platform doesn’t even have to be Xbox-related. We’re full-on here to support every single game dev in Belgium, no matter what platform the game is on. Doing some kind of event around gaming? Or anything gaming-related in Belgium? simply get in touch and we’ll make sure to add it in #LifeisBelgian.

SPOTLIGHT | Shredders

For Riders, By Riders. That’s the slogan for this snowboarding game, which is coming first to Xbox Series X|S. The Belgian link for this game is co-developer I-ILLUSIONS, based in Galmaarden. Together with Swedish studio Let It Roll they are creating this promising title. Currently coming at the end of 2021, fans of Steep, Amped or SSX can look forward to this snowboarding experience. They are going for a realistic simulator balance mixed with a lot of fun and an easy-to-pick-up control scheme. Exploring mountains with friends will be an option as multiplayer is a huge part of Shredders.

Be sure to keep an eye on Shredders website!

(Belgian games)

Stitchy in Tooki Trouble | Developer Polygoat

Stitchy in Tooki Trouble by Polygoat is definitely a nice platformer. I loved being able to play a few levels at a time, without feeling pressed to play a whole world at once. Overall a very enjoyable experience. I’m only sorry that there were not more worlds to discover! READ MORE

Black Legend | Developer Warcave

Despite the heavy influence of Belgian folklore and an interesting tactical battle system Black Legend couldn’t convince me. A disappointing visual world, annoying bugs, and frustrating explanation of game mechanics result in a game that exists but won’t be recommended by anyone. Honestly a big missed opportunity for something much better. READ MORE

NanoTale | Developer Fishing Cactus

I kind of wished I hadn’t also played a little Epistory, because I feel like in comparison, Nanotale isn’t as enchanting. It works perfectly as a standalone game, but it’s impossible not to compare the two once you played them both. However, Nanotale still manages to give you a fun typing and RPG experience set in a beautiful world, but the charm of Epistory is not present here. A lot could be fixed if the game got rid of all its bugs, so I’m hoping to see that happen in the near future! READ MORE