LifeisBelgian #1 | Rise of Humanity edition

LifeisBelgian #1 | Rise of Humanity edition

Belgium might be a small country but we have some incredible talent and some awesome games! In LifeisBelgian we take a look at what happened in the Belgian gaming scene. From upcoming releases and latest news! We try to do this on a two-weekly schedule, depending on if we have anything new to share. For this first episode, we put an extra spotlight on Rise of Humanity, made by Cybernetic Walrus.

(Collecting this information is hard, contact us if we missed a game)

OUT NOW | Stitchy in Tooki Trouble (Nintendo Switch)
19/04 | Sizeable free DLC Wonders of the World
Releasing soon | The Bart Bonte collection (Steam)


We’ve recently shouted about this new initiative. It is important that gaming devs and publishers work together with us. So be sure to mail us your news or contact us on Twitter or mail! Getting your news out in the world is important and can absolutely help with that!

Everything is welcome, new screenshots or a brand new trailer. A game announcement for a new platform, doesn’t even have to be Xbox-related. We’re full-on here to support every single game dev in Belgium, no matter what platform the game is on. Doing some kind of event around gaming? Or anything gaming-related in Belgium? simply get in touch and we’ll make sure to add it in #LifeisBelgian.

Hopefully, our readers can be that extra little touch to get your game more popular. We’re especially thinking about Kickstarter projects or games that seem to fly under the radar. Not every Belgian game developer has the luxury to be Larian Studios who easily gets attention from the gaming media.

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator Benelux update

While we still have to wait a few months before Flight Simulator releases on Xbox, pc gamers can check out some awesome Belgian places with the new World Update IV. France, French Guiana, Netherlands, Luxembourg but also Belgium got many updates.

In Belgium, you can check out: Basilica of the Sacred Heart | Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp | Church of Our Lady Bruges | Tournai Cathedral | Pont de Wandre | Belfry of Bruges | King Baudouin Stadium | Provinciaal Hof | Panorama of the Battle Waterloo | Museum aan de Stroom (Antwerp) | and the Citadel of Namur.

VAF|GAME greenlit 15 projects

The first of three funding rounds have been announced by the VAF|GAME commission. On the 15th of June, the second wave of greenlit projects will be announced.

In total €684.375 was assigned to help developers with developing their games, the following studios received good news:

  • Developer Like Charlie receives €48.500 for Cherry
  • Developer AlterEyes receives €37.500 for Defenders of Smurfs’ Village
  • Developer Polygoat receives €67.519 for ComaChronic
  • Developer Dynamic Dimensions receives €66.006 for De Vrije Hand
  • Developer LuGus Studios receives €45.000 for Woodworks VR
  • Developer Possibly Pixels receives €44.250 for Ysvogel
  • Developer Rocket Vulture receives €67.000 for small Town Adventures
  • Developer Media Makers receives €28.700 for Alchemize
  • Developer MoonMonster Studios receives €35.000 for Space control
  • Developer Exiin receives €75.000 for Tamed
  • Developer Business Goose receives €10.000 for promotional support for Sizeable and another €15.000 for content updates.
  • Developer Waterzooi receives €46.000 for Please, Touch the Artwork
  • Developer Salty Lemon receives €50.000 for EXR: Rowing
  • Developer CREATE Multimedia €48.900 for Silver

More information about this can be found on FLEGA’s website, the Flemish Games Association.
We’re sure we’ll see some of these games in future LifeisBelgian articles!

New Sizeable DLC

We loved Sizeable, scoring 90% in our review. We’re still hoping for an Xbox release but Steam gamers can look forward to five new levels on April 19 with the FREE update Wonders of the World.

The Bart Bonte Collection

A collection of 28 remastered Flash games, with lots of Steam achievements. Made to preserve them, as Flash-support for browsers came to an end. Be sure to check it out here:


DuoRox, Bitjager, Ephonk and familiar face for LifeisXbox readers BloodyGoodReviews (Robby) have been doing a new Dutch-speaking gaming podcast. New might be exaggerating it as they finished 12 episodes, they literally talk about everything. From cat puns, March and April releases, and more importantly Belgian games in their Bel10 Games. Games like TriFox, Baby Dino’s Adventure, Black Legend, and more have passed through the show! Be sure to give them a listen, a new podcast releases every Wednesday. Here is Bitkroeg’s website:

(Belgian games)

Stitchy in Tooki Trouble | Developer Polygoat

Stitchy in Tooki Trouble by Polygoat is definitely a nice platformer. I loved being able to play a few levels at a time, without feeling pressed to play a whole world at once. Overall a very enjoyable experience. I’m only sorry that there were not more worlds to discover! READ MORE

Black Legend | Developer Warcave

Despite the heavy influence of Belgian folklore and an interesting tactical battle system Black Legend couldn’t convince me. A disappointing visual world, annoying bugs, and frustrating explanation of game mechanics result in a game that exists but won’t be recommended by anyone. Honestly a big missed opportunity for something much better. READ MORE

NanoTale | Developer Fishing Cactus

I kind of wished I hadn’t also played a little Epistory, because I feel like in comparison, Nanotale isn’t as enchanting. It works perfectly as a standalone game, but it’s impossible not to compare the two once you played them both. However, Nanotale still manages to give you a fun typing and RPG experience set in a beautiful world, but the charm of Epistory is not present here. A lot could be fixed if the game got rid of all its bugs, so I’m hoping to see that happen in the near future! READ MORE

LifeisBelgian Poll

For our first LifeisBelgian poll I wanted to find out if gamers would be more likely to buy a game if it came from their home country. 31,1% said yes to this question. This might seem a low figure at first but at the same time shows how important it is to make it clear as a developer to indicate from where you are. We all know how hard it can be to sell a game, so every fact that can influence a buying decision should be embraced.

SPOTLIGHT | Rise of Humanity

Developer Cybernetic Walrus isn’t a stranger as they developed Antigraviator. I had a great time with this futuristic racer and critics reviewed it with decent scores too. Rise of Humanity is something entirely different, no racing game this time but a fusion of turn-based strategy games and deck builders. Neat idea, if you ask me. In this upcoming game AI has taken over the world (it is Terminator all over again) and you are tasked with saving humankind. Battles are fought by a deck of cards, so upgrading and collecting new cards allows you to create new strategies.

Just recently the early access from Rise of Humanity received an updated story mode. Your party is hoping to reach a mysterious signal, while embarking on this journey you’ll meet survivors who will join your cause. I’m a bit ashamed to say but I wasn’t aware about this game until recently, the gameplay concept, visuals and story all seem to be my kind of thing. Be sure to keep an eye on our socials as we will continue to share new news about Rise of Humanity!

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The available platform on release: Steam
Game link: Be sure to wishlist it on Steam!