Life is Xbox looking for reviewers

Life is Xbox is growing, and honestly I can’t keep up anymore.
I do everything myself, PR, reviews, Twitter, Facebook, etc.. and it’s taking me hours a day. It’s something I do with fun but I need help to make the site even bigger.

So I am looking for reviewers that are willing to help, you will have two tasks. Playing and reviewing games and posting Xbox One news on Facebook (ill be doing Twitter)

Facebook is still the only thing that is lacking with guests and content so that will need to be resolved ASAP.

Think you will be my solution? Contact me on Twitter! I will not be able to pay you but you will have benefits!

  • You will get review copies from games
  • You will reach around 6.000-10.000 people with your content. (Life is Xbox currently has 80.000 viewers/month)
  • You will get a gratitude bonus of €20/month (not much but it’s something)
  • You will get access for press events