Beatsplosion! for Kinect review

Imagine a lonely empty desert with miles and miles of sand, nothing else but sand. The oasis you would be looking for can be compared with an Xbox One Kinect game, it’s very, very rare. Luckily we have Virtual Air Guitar, one of the few studios that still make games for the Kinect. In this review you find out if Beatsplosion is a worthy  time consumer.

You control your silhouette and try to destroy crystals. You punch, do uppercuts and avoid beams like a rhythmisch ninja. The concept is great and the execution works like a charm. It shows that it’s not the first Kinect game from Virtual Air Guitar, you may know them from Squid Hero and Boom Ball for Kinect.  Like many other Kinect games it can become a little repetitive but they have done enough so you don’t really notice that. What makes the game really fun is when to hit crystals, you rely on the music so your punches have the correct timing. Not an easy task after a while, especially on the 20 minutes challenge levels. People that buy it should keep in mind that it’s definitely a workout, a fun one too! You’ll duck, jump and swing your arms like an insane ninja.


  • Like always, Virtual Air Guitar knows how a Kinect works. Controls work like they should.
  • Fun workout for your upperbody
  • Nice presentation and bright colors keep you going.
  • Proves that having a Kinect is still worth it


  • A little on the short side, although you have replay value with challenges.
  • Music could have been better, it’s not bad but you have your full focus on it so you’ll notice the repetitive beats after a while.
Score: 77%