Life is Strange: Before the Storm Review (in progress)

 Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Developer Deck Nine has the honour to work with one of my favorite new IP’s from this generation, Life is Strange.  I was excited to start playing it and now that I finished the first episode I can’t hella wait to see what’s next for Chloe and Rachel! 

This review has mild spoilers from the first Life is Strange! You have been warned! 


  • Learning more about Chloe’s background story is fanservice in its best way.  Literally experiencing why she became so rebellious is interesting enough to follow, Episode 1 is full with references from Dontnod’s game and seeing some of the characters again is really fascinating, especially because you know what is going to happen with every single one.
  • One of the things that made me fall in love with the previous Life is Strange was the emotional moments, damn it, that game had powerful moments. The same can be said for Before the Storm, so far not on the same deep level but I had a few bone chilling moments that I won’t forget.
  • Visiting old and new environments feel fresh and rewarding, so much attention has been given for small things that it’s a real blast to explore everything. Visually things have been slightly improved compared with the first Life is Strange but I feel that Deck Nine did a brilliant job adding stuff from their own artistic talents.
  • The soundtrack has been outstanding so far, I wish you could hear it. (Actually you can on Spotify.) It empowers so many emotional or just relaxing chill moments that it deserves so much praise and attention.


  • The original voice actress from the first Life is Strange for Chloe couldn’t take her role again because of the 2016-17 video game voice actor strike, the replacement does an excellent job, let me be clear about that but it is not the same. Newcomers won’t have an issue with it but for existing Life is Strange fans it will be a hard pill to swallow.


  • Nothing so far, although I’m slightly worried about some dialogue options, I’m hoping that the coming two episodes will have more possibilities and outcomes.


We will keep you updated when the other two episodes and the bonus episode from Max launches. But so far Deck Nine is doing an excellent job with the Life is Strange franchise.