Killing Floor 2 Review

 Killing Floor 2

I have to admit, I have been waiting a long time for this game on Xbox. I know quite a few gamers that have spent 500+ hours on this game. It combines everything that seems to be popular right now and developer Tripwire mixes it together in a brilliant way.  The simple but extremely effective gameplay will be loved by many, more on that in this review. 


  • One thing I noticed right from the start was the particular detail in the beautiful environments. (I can’t wait for the Xbox One X version) Killing Floor 2 has such varied and fun to play maps that I really have to say congrats to the developers. First time I saw the burning Paris map, with an apocalyptic Paris and a destroyed Eiffel Tower was nothing less than awesome. That’s not the only impressive design, the way the snowy look from Outpost turns into a bloody mess, the thick and realistic forest from ZED Landing and the beautiful art from The Tragic Kingdom and Volter Manor. What I’m saying are big words but Killing Floor 2 has without a doubt the best online level design from this generation.
  • You can select 10 different classes and all of them have different strengths and weaknesses. Finding your favorite will take some time and it will also change the way you play Killing Floor 2. Each known play style in a shooter is present. From heavy melee hitters (Beserker), Healing (Field Medic), Sniper (Sharpshooter), Area control (Support and Firebug) and more. It is the reason why so many gamers have played the game for hours and hours, leveling them all takes ages. (More on that with “Mixed Feelings”)
  • Killing Floor 2 really excels in weapon handling, you notice it even better when the typical slow motion starts kicking in. Aiming and shooting your guns feel authentic and great, blowing monsters into a million pieces while in slow motion is like watching a show from the Victoria’s Secret Angels, you stop and stare with awe.
  • It will be mostly known for the cooperative play but my favorite was the PVP-mode, I have always loved playing as monsters in Left 4 Dead or Gears of War and that’s no different in Killing Floor 2.  In this game mode, teams play two rounds. First you try to survive the monsters and in round two you play as the monsters. Playing against real players makes the game a more tactical and surprising experience, although I have to say that the PvE modes are incredibly fun too.
  • Sound is yet another great aspect from the game, the heavy metal music, the terrifying monster sounds and the effective weapon sounds make for a one-of-a-kind experience. Trust me though.. those gun and explosive sounds… bloody awesome.


  • Can something be positive and negative at the same time? I’m not sure how to feel about the insanely slow class progress. Your first class update can be selected at level 5, after that 10, 15, 20 and 25. Improving your weapon handling, damage, allowing you to carry more ammo or letting enemies explode to do AoE damage. It is a very cool update system but it takes hours and hours, this might scare away a few people. On the other hand, you will still get rewards after playing for many, many hours.
  • They remain fun but I wish the game had more bosses, Tripwire is working on a third and it will be a welcomed change. That said, the current two bosses Hans Volter and Patriarch both play totally different and need some real teamwork to beat and can kill a full health player in seconds.


  • Killing Floor 2 isn’t made for single player gamers, you have the option to play some modes by yourself but it’s nowhere near as fun. A shame to be honest, I don’t mind an online focus but Killing Floor 2 has everything available to have a splendid story mode. That’s honestly the only bad or negative thing I can say about this tremendous game, so please don’t let the online focus scare you away.

Killing Floor 2 is an essential game in your Xbox One (and soon X) collection. This online focused game is a fine purchase for the long run too, Tripwire is ready to support this game for a long time and you will be playing it for an even loooonger time. Bloody awesome stuff!