LEGO Super Heroes 2 – Kang vs. 200 others

LEGO Super Heroes 2 – Kang vs. 200 others

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Review

It goes without saying that you can find more LEGO-games than PUBG-players. Okay, that’s a lie but you get my point. This time TT Games brings us Super Heroes 2, giving players the option to play with a massive Marvel roster. Let us check if this new LEGO game is something worth buying, be aware though someone will have to face Kang to rescue the Universe!¬†

“I look around, do you know what I see? Losers! I mean like folks who have lost stuff. Their homes. Families. And we’re facing a threat that could destroy us all.”


  • Having 200+ playable characters is a whopping accomplishment, better though is that the game manages to give most of them some time to shine. Not only the heavy-hitters from the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy but also some less known characters like Ava Ayala, Spider-Gwen, Inhumans and a lot more. It’s really fun to see that most of the characters play a little different too, I did had a slight favor for the flying roster (Ironman, Star-Lord, etc…) because they can get around much faster.
  • This time our main villain is Kang, while he doesn’t have superhuman abilities his time-travel technology gave him some highly advanced stuff that makes him an extremely dangerous enemy and one that single-handedly can destroy each and every superhero. The story has depth and might be a little confusing for the target audience and people who aren’t familiar with the Marvel world. That said though, it was one of the most enjoyable LEGO storylines that I have played.
  • Like always LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is a fantastic game to play with a friend with the option to play everything in local co-op.¬† I would have liked an online option though because the AI companions are frustratingly dumb. Much more fun while playing with a friend, the teamwork puzzles are a lot nicer to play this way.
  • The art and visual package is sublime, I was honestly really impressed how things turned out. Wakanda for example is a real treat for all Marvel fans. The mix between realistic and LEGO parts remains something magical that no-other game can give you.
  • For completionists this is a game you must really own, the sandbox is massive and tasks you with¬†hundreds of challenges and hidden items. Replaying levels with other characters, and searching every inch of the game is necessary to reach that hard to get 100%
Star-Lords hobby is flying through neat looking buildings.. yeah.. I don’t know why either.

Mixed Feelings

  • I feel a little ashamed writing this because the playable roster is already huge but I did miss some characters from X-Men or Fantastic Four. Although this issue will be resolved for the next one (I think) now that Marvel has the rights again.
  • Gameplay (combat), it is cool seeing all the different attacks from playable characters, but fighting is a real borefest. It lacks challenge and all you do is smash the attack-button. Even boss-fights become a grind, despite the fact that it is cool fighting against Shocker, Doctor Octopus, Klaw, Enchantress and a lot more.
Most memorable gameplay moment: Fighting against a couple of Spider-Man foes at the same time on a destroyed bridge.


  • You do something that you are supposed to do, but the game refuses to continue. The cutscene doesn’t pop, or something that was supposed to appear doesn’t show. Leaving you in the dark and search for another solution.. I had this multiple times and I had to restart entire levels. Nothing more frustrating than searching for a solution that is glitched and forcing to replay 30 or more minutes.
  • Having to select your language every single time you start the game is really weird. To add, you are also forced to watch the same cut scene again with all the logo’s, I agree the Guardians of the Galaxy theme song is cool but having to watch and hear it 10 times in a week is overkill. (and wasting my time)
  • Gameplay (puzzles), even considering the target audience the game throws some overly simple and boring puzzles that are plagued by some frustrating camera or hard to see design. It really feels like time-fillers that negatively impact the Marvel experience.

[6,5/10] LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is a decent game but plagued by some bugs and repetitive gameplay. As a Marvel-fan I had a blast playing with all the characters but I hoped for a little bit more challenging gameplay. 

 РFaster loading times, higher resolution, less visual pop in. 

Dev: TT Games Publisher: Warner Bros
Played on: Xbox One X    | LifeisXbox received a digital review code,  provided by Warner Bros.