LEGO The Incredibles Review

LEGO The Incredibles Review

LEGO The Incredibles

Developer: TT Games
Publisher:  Warner Bros.

Can anyone keep count on how many LEGO-games we played the past years? That isn’t a bad thing per se, but LEGO The Incredibles uses the same old gameplay tricks that we have been playing since the Xbox 360.  Oh well… I have been saying this with every LEGO game review the past two years, TT Games doesn’t seem to be willing to drastically change up the formula, and don’t have to do that if the games keep selling for millions. Anyway, here is our review for  this adventure with the Parr family.


  • Fan-service: When it comes to fan-service developer TT Games is nothing short of fantastic. The large roster of The Incredibles and some surprising Pixar characters is some kind of heaven on Earth for fans. The time and effort in each character shows and the game cleverly forces you to play with all of them with specific collectibles or quests.
  • Sub-quests: Whilst playing in the open worlds you will come across crime waves, similar like LA Noire’s sub-quests these will task you to keep the streets safe for citizens. Here the variation and creativity from TT Games really shines, sure you have some returning tasks but overall I had some really funny and fun moments driving bombs away, fighting against an ice-cream mob and a lot more.
  • Level design: The level design in both the story missions and the open worlds show how talented the developer is. I won’t deny that I grown tired of the gameplay throughout the years but I keep playing these games because the level design is that good. The staggering creativity in how many times you must destroy objects and enemies in different ways is incredible, and most importantly fun.
  • Replay-value: Through the roof is what you can say about the replay value. The game is full with reasons to replay story missions and the co-op play will never become dull or boring.
  • Funny: Fighting against a raccoon, seeing that same raccoon as a DJ in a later mission, the hilarious cut scenes between Mr. Icredible and his little son Jack-Jack, one thing that can be found in every LEGO-game is humor. I was laughing out loud with some moments and that is something that rarely happens with video games.

Mixed Feelings

  • Story: This is by far the shortest story LEGO-game I played, clocked at the five hours mark.  Although the big open world cities are full with content and extra side-quests that easily bring another twenty hours of gameplay fun. That said, the story structure felt short and weird for me, especially if you are familiar with The Incredibles franchise.


  • I mentioned it in the review intro but The Incredibles plays exactly like previous LEGO-games installments. So if you are like me and played most of them you will get some been there, done that feelings pretty fast. You can only have so much fun doing the same things over and over again. Gamers that haven’t grown tired of this predictable formula because they love the routine or that haven’t played much LEGO-games are in for a treat.
  • Camera: In all those years TT Games still hasn’t found a solution for the awkward and very annoying camera problems that plague the LEGO franchise and The Incredibles. Sadly enough I had even more troubles than ever before, even forcing me to restart some levels because the camera was simple stuck in another room. Expect a lot of view blocking, weird angles and hard platforming parts because you don’t see jump sports or ledges.

LEGO The Incredibles [Score: 74%] Do I want a change in the LEGO-formula? Absolutely! But The Incredibles is once again a satisfying and funny experience with insane fan-service. A perfect game to play with a friend or to play by yourself.