Kung-Fu for Kinect review

Developer Virtual Air Guitar is back with another Kinect game, one of the few this year and that alone makes it worthwhile checking Kung-Fu for Kinect.  So read this review and study some Bruce Lee moves so you can begin playing Kung-Fu for Kinect!


  • Seeing yourself in the game works incredibly well, especially the comic book style cutscenes are pure magic. First you need to do some funny poses and afterwards you see it wonderfully placed in a cutscene. What a wonderful idea and perfect execution.
  • Typical fighting music brings a lot of atmosphere, making it a believable experience.
  • Great for people who like exercising, you have a couple of challenges that you can replay over and over again. A few of those challenges are a real Fitness experience.. jumping and punching a million times in two minutes.
  • Kinect tracking works perfectly, no lag whatsoever and every single powermove works like it should. Even with quick jabs or ridicules fighting moves (I didn’t try Capoeira, sorry) the Kinect registers everything.
  • Most Kinect games have relatively basic graphics but Kung-Fu for Kinect features some great looking enemy & level design. Proving that even Kinect games can look excellent.
  • Doing lighting attacks and ground stomps is a real impressive thing to see in game, it kinda looks silly in real life but who cares, right?


  • Punching to move left or right is a little weird
  • Enemies with projectiles can become rather annoying, having to avoid them all the time.
  • Kung-Fu for Kinect requires you to be really fit, you have to punch the entire time to move around so I can imagine that some people will get really tired after five minutes. To give an example, I’m a pretty fit guy and after an hour I already had to take a break. Although I’m really enthusiastic with my fighting moves!


Score: 91% | We can be very grateful that Virtual Air Guitar is stubborn and still capable for releasing Kinect games. Kung-Fu for Kinect is a wonderful experience and the best Kinect game for Xbox One. Everyone with a Kinect device should at least try out this fighting game! It will improve your health and who know you might be the next Bruce Lee!