Kill the Bad Guy Review

Review Kill the Bad Guy | Using all kinds of traps or weapons to kill a bad guy, it doesn’t really sound original but developer Exkee made something really special with Kill the Bad Guy. Read more about it in this review!


  • Visually you always immediately know what items you can use to kill the bad guy, the white and black color style helps with that. By combining items and by having excellent timing you’ll be able to kill each bad guy in an impressive way. Dropping a piano or crate, running him over with a car or burning him. You have many possibilities and even the most complicated traps are easy to use.
  • Every bad guy has a short description, so you know why you are killing him. They are often really funny and provide some much-needed personality for the game.
  • Each level has two collectibles, a passport that’s well hidden (or sometimes in plain view) and the victims tooth. The moment you make your move and kill the bad guy his tooth starts flying away, you’ll need to be fast and collect it before it’s gone. You also have a secondary objective, before you start a level you have a vague description about this and your task is finding out how you unlock it. In short Kill the Bad Guy has replay value, a lot of replay value.
  • A level doesn’t really take long, between one and three minutes. Making it a great game to play in short bursts. Only have a few minutes to relax and play? Kill the Bad Guy is perfect for that, the easy control approach has the benefit that you can play it after a few months without finding out how everything worked again.

Mixed Feelings

  • Besides the security camera’s nothing really gives you a big challenge. You have some bonus missions, for example the Zombies level that is pretty challenging but overall things are a little too easy. Making the game accessible for everyone.


  • Nothing worth mentioning

Score: 85% | Kill the Bad Guy is a great and original relaxing experience that everyone can play. Killing the bad guy with all sorts of traps remains fun until the end. I highly recommend it!