Doodle God: Ultimate Edition Review

Review Doodle God: Ultimate Edition | Playing some kind of God is easier than I thought and requires quite a few trial and error. At least if you play Doodle God. The popular combining-and-matching game has been played by millions and is now available for Xbox One. 


  • New for this console version is a better visual system to see what you have discovered. It’s a fancy extra that doesn’t bring anything new for the gameplay but the effect is very effective. Found a new life form or a simple volcano? You’ll see it popping up on the Planet. It’s a fun way to see your progress and pretty impressive when you found a lot of species and elements.
  • Calling Doodle God a game might be the wrong word, most of the times you’ll be guessing and hoping for a result for mixing two things. It’s surprisingly addictive finding out new animals or elements. Especially the Quests, for example: saving a princess or surviving an island is weirdly addictive.
  • The online multiplayer mode that will test your memory and is a great new feature for this Xbox One version. Finding the most elements within the time limit is a fun thing to do. You have to wonder how many gamers will cheat though, so don’t expect fair brain fights.
  • Visually things look very colorful and attractive, the lay-out is pretty clear too. The 249 elements all have a neat icon and are very recognizable.

Mixed Feelings

  • Joybit added quite a few new features for this Xbox One version from Doodle God,  but I’m still having a few doubts for the €10 asking price.  Considering it’s free for multiple other platforms, none are so detailed and content rich, but still …


  • Doodle God can become quite frustrating when you don’t find a successful combination. In the beginning things are pretty easy, combining fire with water but when you have over 100 things it can become time-consuming to find a new animal or item. You have a hint system (WARNING: If you want full 1000 Gamerscore, don’t use this!) but it doesn’t really help that much.

Score: 76% | Who thought that a mixing experience could be this fun? Developer Joybit turned a simple and basic concept into something really great and addictive.