Gem matching games, I don’t need to write how addictive they can become. Just one more! It’s a sentence that plays over and over in your head multiple times and finally, two hours after your first – I’m quitting after this fight idea- you can hardly keep your eyes open and dream about it while sleeping. Ironcast builds on the strong foundations of the genre and adds interesting and unique gameplay elements. Change into your 1880’s Victorian England cloths and join the world of Ironcast in this good and bad review!


  • As a gem matching fanatic normal matching gameplay is already enough to get me hooked, but Ironcast brings so much more with it’s tactical gameplay.
  • English versus French, the war between the two brings some interesting story dialogues, shame that they didn’t use voice actors though. While the game doesn’t need a story per se, it was a welcome addition that many gamers will appreciate.
  • Finding a good mech set up isn’t an easy task and brings lots of replay value. You unlock new rewards along the way that you can buy with the scrap you collect ingame. It’s a great tactical feature that many matching-games lack.
  • The hardest thing to balance in this genre is the difficulty and the developer Dreadbit pretty much nailed it for me in Ironcast.
  • It will scare away a few people but personally I loved the  permadeath when you lose a fight. You do get permanent upgrades so dying can be useful in some way. And yeah, don’t fool yourself, you will eventually die in Ironcast.
  • To counter the permadeath, each and every playthrough is completely different. Everything gets randomized, missions, levels, etc..


  • The backgrounds are boring and the general artwork is pretty basic. A little bit more effort in this part and the game would have been even better.

The Conclusion!

Score: 88/100 - Ironcast is a fantastic gem matching game. It truly evolves the genre with some very cool ideas. Every Puzzle Quest or even Candy Crush fan should buy this game immediately.


Gameplay video will be uploaded soon, game DVR was not yet available to upload for this pre-release.