Inside Xbox March news recap

Inside Xbox March news recap

We had a pretty awesome Inside Xbox this month, not only for the major news but also because of the celebration for female workers in the videogame industry, with an all-female presentation and interviews with female developers. I did miss Major Nelson and Graeme but the pacing was really excellent! Anyway, you are here for the recap, so here we go…

Big Halo news

  • Brian Jarrard from 343 Industries shared the news that Halo Reach is finally coming for Halo: Master Chief Collection.
  • Reach will be 4K, HDR and 60fps.
  • Halo: Master Chief Collection coming for the Microsoft Store and Steam
  • Halo Reach will be free with Xbox Game Pass, people without will be able to play the online for free but the single player content is a paid DLC.

Project xCloud

  • Yes, that is Forza running on a smartphone (Android)
  • Microsoft: We’re developing Project xCloud not as a replacement for the video game console, but as a way to provide the same choice and versatility that lovers of music and movies enjoy today.
  • Public tests begin this year!

Other news

  • Dayz from Bohemia is launching the full version for Xbox on March 27.
  • New difficulty levels coming for State of Decay 2, with deadlier zombies and fewer resources.
  • Spatial Sound to your whole Xbox One experience, regardless of whether it was specifically mixed for it. That includes all your games, movies, TV shows, and music content. 
  • Phantom White Special Edition controller.
  • Minecraft coming for Xbox Game Pass
  • Walden announced for Xbox
  • A new Gears novel announced, Gears of War: Ascendance from Jason M. Hough