A Meadow Piece

A Meadow Piece

[PC REVIEW]A Meadow Piece is a meadow simulator where you get to tend to some flowers. The game combines strategy with relaxing, which seems to be a weird combination but it works for this title. And you’re free to do what you want to. Just want to sit back and watch your flowers grow? No problem! Maybe you prefer defending yourself against some aliens? Go ahead! It’s your meadow so your choice. You control the development by removing modifications from certain flowers and for instance using them for other flowers. A Meadow Piece is definitely no ordinary game so a more in-depth look is necessary here.

  • Online multiplayer mode: You can play with your friends! This is a very nice addition to an otherwise complicated and sometimes boring game. The decision to put in an online multiplayer mode is definitely a plus. There’s a distinction between playing together and playing against each other. So basically you’re either fighting off aliens or your friends. Pick whichever you like to fight most.
  • Tutorial mode: A tutorial is a very useful and helpful tool to help you get familiar with a game and its mechanics, controls and altogether concept. This is also the case for A Meadow Piece. You get everything explained quite thoroughly. The controls you have to use, the menus that are presented, and so on. However, all is done by text (and it’s a lot of text at times) and nothing is done by voice acting or sound of any kind. Now, I know not everyone enjoys spending a lot of time reading instructions. So even though all is explained very clearly, the way the tutorial is brought to the gamers could’ve been a little more playful and less boring.
  • Pricing: I do feel like this game is a little overpriced. I personally wouldn’t pay 12 euros for an unknown game that feels unfinished and has a few demerits.  The developers could just lower the price with 5 euros and it would be a more reasonable price.
  • Soundtrack: To be honest I did have some hopes for the soundtrack since the developers describe it as ‘a chilling soundtrack with a dynamic mixing system’. However, upon entering the game I immediately found it to be relaxing, yes, but also repetitive. There are some very easy beats but they’re also kind of boring. I mean, I get why they went with this sort of music because it does fit the game but the repetitiveness kind of ruins it.
  • Graphics: Now the graphics are not high end or anything. In fact, they’re very basic. It’s a kind of voxel but a more abstract type of graphic. Of course, I didn’t expect too much graphic-wise when I first laid eyes upon this title. However, it’s still a pity the graphics are such low quality. Maybe with more high-end graphics, it would’ve given the game that little something extra. But alas, I had to put the graphics in the bad section.
  • Sophisticated simulation: To say it more clearly: the game is easy to play but hard to master. It takes some time to actually understand the mechanics and the overall game. This can be fun and a challenge, but in this case it takes a little too long to master everything. Ergo, it gets frustrating and makes you (want to) quit
  • Typos: Please don’t make typos in games because it is very, very distracting. This may not be the case of everyone, but if you’re like me, you’ll definitely be annoyed by it and you’ll look at the game differently. Of course, a single typo wouldn’t make a big difference but once you start noticing multiple mistakes, it starts feeling like not enough time was put into the development of a title. Plus it feels like the detail wasn’t important enough, and let’s face it: details have the ability to make or break a game. 


★ Score: 30%
I tried my best to see the positive aspects of this game and enjoy it, but I just couldn’t. Sure it’s an original idea the whole strategy plus relaxing, but don’t make it an extremely strategic game. Maybe if you’re crazy about flowers you’ll love A Meadow Piece? I don’t know. I guess you can try. I wish I could recommend it because I’m sure the developers put a lot of thought and effort into it, but I don’t.

Developer: Genlivpat Publisher: Genlivpat
Played on: PC

Steam store link: click here


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