Gimme Five Review (Windows 10) (+ Giveaway!)

Review Gimme Five | I have a weakness for knowledge games, so Gimme Five from Shuboarder is right up my alley. I would like to thank him for providing a review copy, we barely started with Windows 10 reviews so it’s very nice of him to trust me for giving him an audience, the idea is to get this game on the Xbox One too so you could see this as a preview article for the Xbox One version. So without further ado here is LifeisXbox’s review for Gimme Five on Windows 10! 


  • The difference between Gimme Five and other Quiz games is that you need to give five correct answers. You get nine answer possibilities making things harder to simply guess your answer. It’s a fun concept that works perfectly. It’s a basic, but oh so fun and addictive gameplay concept.
  • You have hundreds of questions and Shuboarder is adding more frequently. I had a few returning questions when I restarted but it didn’t happen much. The questions, depending on your overall knowledge, provide some good challenge. You can’t know everything of course, for example when I got the question to select books from Jacqueline Wilson I was looking at my screen as if I saw a blue alien. Luckily you can use a few power ups when you don’t know the answer. You can skip the question, reveal an answer or remove incorrect answers. It helps for surviving a little longer to reach a new high score.
  • Having a clear and easy lay-out for a quiz game is very important and Gimme Five is a perfect example of how it should be.  You have a few themes too, changing colours. A neat feature for those that want a different look after playing it for a few hours.

Mixed Feelings

  • When playing you get a currency called KP, with KP you can continue a round when you lost all your lives and buy equipment that gives you benefits. One of the first is a rubber duck giving you 5 extra seconds. The idea behind it is great but I’m still a little unsure how you actually get KP-points, I got it while playing and I’m guessing when I correctly answered questions but it remains a mystery for me.


  • You have to guess what the power ups are, a small tutorial about it would have been a great help. Being unsure about something isn’t fun for a gamer.

Score: 80 | Shuboarder made an addictive little game that can be played by every quiz fanatic.  It’s an easy concept but at the same time it felt really fresh and challenging.

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