Review: Felix The Reaper

Review: Felix The Reaper

As someone who has an affinity with music, Felix the Reaper surely feels like a comfortable game to play. This fun-loving, chubby little guy could be my spirit animal for all I know! In a game that mixes puzzles, comedy, life, and death together with music? You can be sure as hell know that you’ve got yourself a winning combination!  Now, knowing this? Let’s talk about the nitty-gritty. Felix The Reaper isn’t a unique concept. We’ve seen countless of light-based puzzle games before. Where Kong Orange, the developers of this magnificent game, take their own spin on it? Is the fact that each puzzle furthers the story-line of the act you are in. You are essentially building your own stage of Death, that will more than likely end up killing one or more people. So, are you ready to play with death? Or are you rather one who would enjoy the comforts of life? Let’s find out in our review of, Felix The Reaper… MUHAHAHA… You know, this would sound scarier if I could like, add a puff of smoke and lights… meh…

What do you do? You are, essentially, one of many Grim Reapers out there. It is your duty to take the lives of the ones “for whom the bell tolls”. In a dance that combines light puzzles and music together. But that is not all! Our boy Felix over here? Is in love! And the places that he’s choosing to go to? Are where his flame, and thus also by extension, the love of his life is near.

  • Clever Puzzles: As I stated in the opening lines of this review, Felix The Reaper is based on Light-based puzzles. As a Reaper, you will always have to operate from the shadows. Knowing this, we all know that we won’t be able to get everywhere without creating shadows where they weren’t present at the start of the level. You can do this by placing objects down that you find strewn about the landscape. When you think you’re ready to place it down, you can “preview” the placement to check if the shadow will be in the right spot. I really liked the fact that you can preview your shadows before really making them go through. Because if you are hit by the sunlight? A tick will be added to your evaluation card. And yes, there is an evaluation card! 
  • Felix the Cute: Although you are playing as a Reaper? You are actually taking part in an extremely cute game. Every character has its own charm. They’re cute, they’re thick, and if you look at Felix himself? He’s just the most hugable doughy one out there! With his dance moves that range from flips and twists when he moves all the way to twerking when he ‘s just standing still. Kong Orange truly did their best when it came down to making Felix just as loveable as he could get and it worked tremendously!
  • Where is my music: Although I can hear the music in the background of the game? I was hoping that it would be a bit more prominent in the game itself. Seeing that Felix is wearing headphones, and he clearly is having a blast with some epic beats? I was left in the dust when it came down to the soundtrack. It felt more as if I was listening to a song that was put on an endless loop. And while the trailer looked promising, with an amazing beat that accompanied it. The real deal felt lackluster. I can only hope that if there will ever be a Felix The Reaper 2? That there will be a better selection of tracks for this little chubby guy to wiggle on!
  • Controls: While the movement controls are, in itself, not a problem at all. The placing of objects can be cumbersome. For an unknown reason, the tracking of my reticule as to where I wanted Felix to put down his held object? It didn’t take all too well. I had to, at times, move my camera around for it to take hold so it could let me place down my barrel. And I don’t mind doing that if it’s like a rare occasion. But in here it felt as if it was a bit more occasional that I was hoping for it to be. While not game-breaking, it did feel like it slowed down my game by a few seconds. And let this just be an extreme annoyance for my evaluation card
  • Evaluation card: This is, by far, the biggest elephant in the room when it comes down to Felix The Reaper. Every time you complete a level, you’ll be granted an evaluation card. This card shows how you did in the level. Did you complete it in a set amount of time? You’ll get a checkmark. The thing is, there is no way of knowing what stats you’ve got to be looking out for. And in what set amount of time you’ve got to complete it. At least, not until you’ve reached the end. I’ve tried a number of times to complete an entire card. But I found it more nerve inducing than anything else. This is more for the completionists out there than the casual player. But if you can complete it? Kudos to you, because these can really be hard to tackle!
  • Nothing: Honestly, there isn’t anything bad that can be said about Felix The Reaper. At least none that I could recall. I had a blast with it and I’m pretty sure that you will too! Felix The Reaper is exactly how I think games should be. You can clearly see that the developers have put their heart and soul into this project. And I honestly hope that this kind of passion will flow on into their next project if they ever go for a second one!

Score: 76% I can only say this about Felix the Reaper. It is an amazing blast to experience. With wacky humor, chubby twerks and the most loveable little smile that you can imagine? Felix will do his best to conquer your heart and make this tale about life and death a very wholesome experience. I can only hope that Kong Orange sticks to the same passion that they clearly had when developing this one and that they expand on it in their next game! Felix the Reaper is an amazing puzzle game that I can only applaud to!


Felix The Reaper