Favorites Wednesday | Gaming headsets

Favorites Wednesday | Gaming headsets

Share your own favorites with #FavoritesWednesday and tag LifeisXbox, we’re curious about your picks! On Twitter, on Facebook, and on Instagram. This Wednesday we take a look at favorite gaming headsets!

Dae Jim

I had my fair share of headsets and throughout the years had a few favorites. The Plantronics RIG 800LX or the Razer Kaira Pro but my favorite is the latest Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay Portal. An incredible headset with great sound and comfort. Bit pricey though… Headsets have always been important to me, not only for talking with Xbox friends. Playing late it is the only solution to still have loud enough sound, we don’t want to wake up the girlfriend or neighbours.


XIBERIA Xbox one Headset (I believe it can be used on other consoles too but I’m not 100% sure which) is the one I’ve been using for the past two years and I’ve never had an issue with it. For the price of £29, I think the sound is great and more importantly to me, it’s comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, the USB light can’t be used for Xbox due to how the cable has been made without an extendable USB cable but it does work on PC and it lights up quite nicely.


Quality-wise, my Sennheiser Game One is my favourite: it has that easy-to-click-down microphone, great audio, nice comfort and it’s attached to a great memory as it was a parting gift by my colleagues at the European Commission when I left to work in the gaming industry full-time. I was really grateful and it came in handy as I was using an in-ear setup before. Visually, I much prefer the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla-themed HyperX Cloud II I got with my press kit from Ubisoft. It has a male Eivor on one side and female Eivor on the other and I love it.