Preview | Almighty: Kill Your Gods

Preview | Almighty: Kill Your Gods

LifeisXbox’s Almighty: Kill Your Gods preview | Today we gather around to read my take on a shooting RPG game. It’s a genre that usually doesn’t really strike me that much, but it surprised me a lot! It’s a game made by the people over at RUNWILD Entertainment and is called Almighty: Kill Your Gods. But what has the developer done to convince me to actually spend 10 hours in this little gem? Well, I will tell you all about that right now in this comprehensive preview.

My Big Rollercoaster of Happy feelings

First things first! We take a deep dive into the vast world that Almighty: Kill Your Gods has to offer us! And what a world it is when you look at it. You get a little bit of everything, to be fair! For those who enjoy the endless slaughter of enemies, Almighty: Kill Your Gods got you covered. You want to build out a farm and become rich passively while collecting livestock on other islands? Well, funny enough, you can do that too. It truly has something for everyone, and in comparison to other games, it does this the right way! Many developers fall for the trap of trying to put in all sorts of things but then lose sight of these elements’ importance. But here, you truly get the ability to play the way you like.

This brings us perfectly to our next point of interest. While you can’t really pick a pure “class,” you do actually get to choose how you want to play Almighty: Kill Your Gods! When the people over at RUNWILD actually provided us a second code, my girlfriend (and a reviewer for the site) joined me. They specked out her character as a healer. Yes, she is a big fan of that, I must admit. And to be fair, I only found myself surprised. For a game that doesn’t have the classes, and you can only buy armor sets that give you powerups, the healing and damage portion were executed flawlessly. For the person playing damage (myself), the gameplay instantly was lifted to a whole new level! The healing that this can put out is just mindblowing. It’s not broken in any way, but that healing felt so amazing to play with. Also, the new ultimate that comes with it (healing-dome) heals in an AOE dome and really screams for you to just get in when you are in danger. For the rest, I highly encourage all of you to give that a try!

As you can see on the screenshots, I was blown away by the freaking scenery that I got to enjoy while playing Almighty: Kill Your Gods! The background scenes are just done perfectly and make for a great mood-setting! While the characters you fight are detailed, they are a little bit less on the fancy side, but it’s not that important that the generic mobs look amazing. The random roaming bosses look stunning, though. Overall blown away!

But what else is up with the game?

When everything comes together nicely, and you can use combo abilities, you will feel like a God that is killing Gods. And I must say, again, this was there. Essential primary fire can feel a bit weak, and you will find yourself using charged attacks or F + Combo’s a lot. Still, the overall feeling you get while fighting is that nothing is wrong. It all fits together in the way it should.

Another point that surprised me is that I was playing a new game when my girlfriend joined in. When you play alone, some of these fights can be a real struggle. This can be a fantastic challenge for some of us around here, but most casual players enjoy a fight that doesn’t require too much planning. They want to slash around. When you have someone that is by your side, you can do precisely this. You can even revive each other. Multiple players have ways of interacting with each other by timing abilities around each other. The only complaint (coming from the girlfriend here) is that we hope there will be an option that you can toggle friendly health bars since not everyone can always shout out when they require healing.

Bugs to be fixed

But we must still remind ourselves that Almighty: Kill Your Gods is still in Early Access. We can see that while playing. If you are navigating around the extensive and lovely islands, you can find yourself having a stuck HUD. For some unexplained reason, the waypoints can get stuck on your screen. It can be annoying, but it isn’t that bad. The lip sync can also use a little help. I am missing out on some critical features like a dedicated main menu, a separate single-player, and multiplayer. Maybe the option to create multiple save files. You name it.  

A bright future to be excited about

I honestly just can’t wait to see and feel what the full release of the game will look like. Currently, so many elements just feel right the way they are, and I hope that they keep adding amazing things to this lovely gem! It is still in Early Access, so bugs are to be expected, but I am confident that the developers will fix these soon. So if this preview made you curious about Almighty: Kill Your Gods, and you actually tried out the game yourself, or you just straight up enjoyed this preview, let us know on socials! We love hearing from you!