FACTS Spring Edition 2018


With more than 31.000 visitors and lots of impressive cosplayers one of Belgium’s biggest conventions was a success. While the gaming section could have been better it was nice to see Nintendo or Ubisoft, the complete lack of Playstation and ofcourse Xbox is weird though. Anyway, FACTS is a lot more so me (Dae Jim) and Xbox Gamers Belgium admin Thierry (Cr8sh Be) had great fun with the cosplay red carpet show, buying rare merchandise and conquering The Beast (the biggest inflatable obstacle course in the world) 


It is hard to stick a number on it but I think around 35% of the visitors was in cosplay. With some really impressive stuff too, I really admire some of the creations and it is crazy to see what some people come up with.  Lots of Jokers and Harley Quinn’s, The Avengers characters, people in furry onesies. Awesome to see and it creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that really feels magical.

Stand holders / Look & Feel

One thing that the organisers from FACTS can improve is the overall look and feel from the convention. Some nice touches, from example the entrance and catering but everything else feels a little rushed (and might I say cheap?). The visitors do a lot of effort dressing up, I wish the organisation followed their passion and effort. That said, most of it comes from the stand holders too, the many merchandisers do a lot to stand out but only Comic Sans and Ubisoft made something special. The same can be said about all conventions though, so I ain’t saying something new.


Kirby Star Allies, Detective Pikachu, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors and Super Mario Odyssey. Nintendo showed up in a big way, the other big two Playstation and Xbox weren’t seen.

Ubisoft had a small stand too and made a lot of effort to stand out with Far Cry 5, the large bear was a picture favorite for many people and I always saw multiple people playing. I’m pretty sure Ubisoft must be happy with the result. And Far Cry 5 deserves the attention.

The largest eSport platform from Belgium, Kayzr did a few stuff at the FACTS eSport Stage. The chaotic Rocket League, League of Legends, Overwatch and more was on stage and a big Nintendo tournament as well.

We played some retro game too and Comic Sans had a pinball table, it was fun to see some older classics like Virtua Fighter and Dance Dance Revolution. Gamers could buy lots and lots of merchandise and play a few stuff so I think most of them went home happily.


For a (high) price you could get some autographs or picture with famous artists like Gillian Anderson (The X-files and The Fall) or Emilie de Ravin (Once Upon a Time and Roswell). I wouldn’t for one moment think to spend €85 for a picture but looking at the waiting lines I must be a weirdo for saying that.  Q&A’s lured quite a few people too and especially Emilie de Ravin was a real sweetheart, at the event and on social media.

The Beast 2.0

Included with your FACTS ticket is trying to last out The Beast, the worlds largest inflatable obstacle course and definitely not something for the light hearted. I had mixed feelings that they splitted up the beast, I prefered to do the long course in one run but the waiting time was reduced so that was positive.

Our Live-Video from the event!

Be sure to view our live-video from the event! Click here to see the 6 minute long video! (IN DUTCH)

Other stuff?

Listing everything is near impossible, some of the other stuff that you could do was Thor’s Voice Battle, with the PokĂ©mon’s theme song for example, Speed Dates with geeky people (I wonder if people actually get into relationships this way?), workshops to learn how to draw The Simpsons or Futurama, sketches from artists and more.

The next FACTS will be in Ghent 29 and 30 September 2018. LifeisXbox will be happy to see all you great cosplayers again, it was also a joy to meet a few Website visitors!