FACTS 2022 Spring Edition (April 2nd-3rd)

FACTS 2022 Spring Edition (April 2nd-3rd)

We cannot believe that it’s over already, but unfortunately, we have to face (and return to) reality. The FACTS 2022 Spring Edition has come to an end, and it was, once again, a successful edition with over 28.000 visitors! Of course, LifeisXbox was there to report about the ups and downs of the Belgian Comic Con. With all the happy faces we spotted at FACTS, we can already tell you that we had a blast in every way possible!

The magic of FACTS

Somehow, I always forget how utterly happy I get when I’m at FACTS. It really is a place where you can go to forget about your daily struggles and celebrate everything geeky with like-minded people. And let me tell you, it was once again a wonderful edition. From the moment you enter the realm of FACTS, you are submerged into a different world filled with cosplayers of all kinds of franchises. Whether you’re into Harry Potter, Marvel, Anime, Star Wars, or literally anything else, everyone is basically one big family at FACTS. While last year there was an awful lot of Harley Quinn’s running around, SpiderMan was definitely a fan favorite this year, which was to be expected.

Of course, there was also a fair share of amazing talent present at FACTS. For example, Michael Rooker (Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy, Merle Dixon in The Walking Dead, …) entered the stage after the wonderful announcement saying ‘he may not be your father but he can be your daddy’. And let’s not forget about all the amazing cosplay performances, including those from the very popular Frozen and Encanto Disney movies.

We do, however, hope that the organisation does something about the awfully loud volumes of the boxes. On multiple occasions, we found ourselves being overrun by the sound coming from boxes, diminishing the quality of the overall sound and just plain giving us headaches. And apparently, we were not the only ones experiencing this as we’ve heard multiple complaints about this.

Game corner

Every year, visitors at FACTS can play some games as well. Old school games could be enjoyed on both PCs and pinball machines of sorts. And of course, the convention also offered its fair share of Belgian games. Visitors could try out the upcoming action-adventure VR game Hubris as well as the Early Access PvP Blazing Sails. Or maybe you remember Sizeable? Well, the developers of this amazing little game are currently developing a fun tile-laying family board game called Dino Dino. The Kickstarter campaign for this one is ending soon so be sure to take a look if you’re interested! We also had a look at Dungeon Alchemist, which is AI fantasy game mapmaking software, and is looking absolutely great!

What did we buy?

It is literally quite impossible to leave FACTS without buying something. There are so many exhibitors selling the coolest things that you can easily spend hours roaming through the main hall trying to find treasures. So what did we buy?

Maui was looking for a Hufflepuff outfit but unfortunately, she only found robes from the other three houses. Luckily, she did find the most adorable Dobby plush toy that she had ever seen so she took that one home! Her boyfriend Michael finally bought the Mewtwo POP Funko that he wanted for the longest time and also couldn’t resist buying the Lycanroc & Corviknight V Battle Deck Bundle. Thierry went all in and got the coolest Halo figurine alongside six shirts including one from Batman and Ghostbusters. Our dear Thomas got a Velkhana figurine (Monster Hunter World Iceborne), Palutena, Captain Falcon Amiibo for Smash Bros and a Urbosa Amiibo van Breath of The Wild.

What’s next?

As is tradition, FACTS had announced the dates for the next edition at the end of the weekend. So get your agenda and write down October 22nd and 23rd because you are expected at the next FACTS edition. And let’s not forget that next year FACTS is celebrating 30 years so we are hoping for something extra special at the next Spring edition!

There is also a new Comic Con on the horizon, my friends! At the end of March, Heroes Comic Con Belgium was announced and this was also advertised on FACTS. Even though the only information that there is so far is that it’s taking place on September 24th and 25th at Brussels Expo, we already cannot wait to see what this new convention has in store for us!

We hope you enjoyed this year’s edition as much as we did. And if you didn’t have the chance to visit FACTS this year, we hope to see you in October!