Eyes on the Weekend (19-21 November)

Eyes on the Weekend (19-21 November)

In Eyes on the Weekend we share what our LifeisXbox team has been playing, most of the time we have our hands full with review games. Some of those have embargo’s so we can’t always openly share what we are playing. What is interesting for us is to see what YOU have been playing! Be sure to let us know on social media! 🙂

Dae Jim |

Robby (BloodyGoodReviews) | This weekend was all about reviews. I started with finishing up Alisa on Friday, a game inspired by the first 3D survival horror titles like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Clocktower. And it looks the part too. Sadly I wasn’t able to beat it because I saved myself into a corner, but you can check out Aaron’s review [HERE].Then I started playing the new DLC for Far Cry 6: Insanity. You play as Vaas, the bad guy from Far Cry 3, and the genre is perfect for him. It plays like a roguelike and if you recall his quote you can see why it fits so well: “What’s the definition of insanity? It’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting shit to change.” Moving on to otherworldly experiences: I played Exo One, a planet surfing game about exploration and mastering gravity. It’s got some wonderful sights to behold, but the controls can be pretty hit or miss and it never really clicked for me. The good news: it’s available on Xbox Game Pass, so you can try it out for “free”. Lastly, I completed Pumpkin Jack, a great throwback to classics like Medievil and Maximo. It just received next-gen updates and finally some long-wanted achievement fixes so it seemed like the perfect time to play. Be sure to check Jim’s review [HERE]

VicciVulpix | I quite enjoyed playing a variety of different games over the course of the weekend. I’ll start off by talking about the enjoyment I had playing Kill It With Fire. I absolutely despise spiders and took much satisfaction in killing them off using a multitude of excessive items such as shurikens, hairspray flamethrower, and even the classic frying pan. I managed to complete the entire game; feel free to read our review for it [HERE]. Next on my list is Dead Dungeon – a casual platformer that has already got the annoyance factor out of me because I keep dying to my surroundings but I’m enjoying the challenge that comes with it and will persevere. Of course, I played a couple of games on SMITE in conquest and I had genuinely forgot how much fun I can have playing a warrior in support instead of a guardian (as my carry was magical). Nike can be great fun, with her ranged attack and wonderful shield. Last, but definitely not least, I’ve been getting back into Warframe recently with new content being released in December. Trying to level more of my weapons and frames to increase my mastery. Plus, I find the captura (photo) mode theraputic to play around with. Always satisfying when you come out with nice screenshots!

Maui | I got some great news to start off the weekend! On Friday, I received a code for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond (shout out to Robby) so I have been playing this one a lot this weekend. I also made some time to dance a little on Just Dance 2022 and continued my adventures a little more in Kingdom Hearts. All in all, I played games that I really love, and all will have reviews online soon!

Michael |
This weekend I was away with my friends, so I couldn’t game until Sunday evening. I then played a little bit of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond but stopped after an hour to get some sleep.

Orange Spark | Like many others, I too was transported back to Sinnoh, and much to my enjoyment it was largely the same way I left it. Pokémon Shining Pearl took up the bulk of my weekend. I’ve so far gotten up to Solaceon town with a team of 4 in their high 20’s. I did also quickly join some friends in Satisfactory on Sunday evening. I helped streamline coal delivery to our main power plant. Alas, that didn’t stop us from going over capacity, meaning they will have to sort that out as I play more Pokémon.

Colombo | Played Little Bug for a review, it’s a pretty short and interesting platformer, also played the usual Microsoft Solitaire Collection while listening to music again, and lastly, I got to play some Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts which I bought a while ago on sale; our review can be read [HERE]. it clearly reuses a few things from Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, which you can check our review of [HERE], but it’s still a fun game to play if you’re into stealth/sniping.

Bradley Delaere | Of course, I have been playing the new Halo Infinite Multiplayer! I’m not really an amazing Halo player when it comes to some older Halo games, but I’ve been playing Halo Infinite for the entire week already, and I’m loving it!! I was also planning to play some Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, but due to my pre-order being delayed I’ll still have to wait a little longer. Instead, I’ve been playing through Crash 4: It’s About Time for the 2nd time, trying to get those remaining time relics! So far I’m at 10/38 platinum time relics, but those are just the first few levels! You can read our review to this [HERE]