Eyes on the Weekend (15-17 October)

Eyes on the Weekend (15-17 October)

In Eyes on the Weekend we share what our LifeisXbox team has been playing, most of the time we have our hands full with review games. Some of those have embargo’s so we can’t always openly share what we are playing. What is interesting for us is to see what YOU have been playing! Be sure to let us know on social media! 🙂

Dae Jim |

Robby (BloodyGoodReviews) | My weekend was mostly a repeat of last time. Beat all the races I could in Hot Wheels Unleashed, but now there are a few Time Attacks I simply can’t seem to beat. I also noticed something wrong with the economy, because it would take 10 online races just to get 500 gold to buy a new loot box. Seems like a bit much and hope they’ll patch that with better ways to earn gold and gears.

Also made some progress in Far Cry 6, about 30 hours in now with the completion at 41%. It’s a massive game and I fear I won’t have time this year to fully complete it with all the exciting games ahead of us. Love those Ubisoft games because of how quickly they save ANY progress though, makes it perfect for pick-up & play.

I also installed Back 4 Blood, but haven’t started playing it yet. Hopefully, I’ll find some time in the coming week.

VicciVulpix | I only played one game this weekend and that was Explorer of the Night. Originally, I bought this as it comes with a massive 4000G for completion. However, with that said, I’ve really enjoyed the game. I’ve just got the last boss to beat now and I believe that should be all.

Maui | Nothing for me this weekend! Spent the weekend with my in-laws in the Netherlands 🙂

Gamer.io (Bradley) | I finished up writing my review for Dark Crypt this weekend, had a blast playing it! 

Saturday I got my last 2 achievements in Superhot: Mind Control Delete. I had a hard time beating that last node (level), I had to beat 15 areas with only 3 hearts.

After that I went to play on my newly bought, 2nd copy, of Spyro: Reignited Trilogy for the rest of the weekend. I may have started playing video games in the PS3 era but I was still able to play on my parents’ PS1 when I was younger, so it was a nostalgic trip nonetheless!

Besides, The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon was my 1st ever videogame, so Spyro has a special place in my heart!

Colombo | I started playing YouTubers Life 2 for my review, it’s honestly different than I expected it to be, and in a good way, you’ll get to see what I mean whenever the review goes up because I don’t want to spoil it 😉

I also started playing Back 4 Blood (alone) and I did find it to be fun so far, very similar to Left 4 Dead in gameplay and concepts, playing with AI is not ideal because they do teleport around a lot and sometimes don’t attack the gigantic bosses, but other than that it was an enjoyable experience.