Eyes on the Week (6th-10th February)

Eyes on the Week (6th-10th February)

Time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

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I returned to both Whispering Willows and Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions this week; both had been previously started. I had been wanting to return to Whispering Willows for a while as the reason I stopped playing was that one of the story-related unmissable achievements refused to unlock. Luckily, when I deleted my saved data and restarted, it unlocked when I got back to the same point. I had an issue with more but they luckily only needed me to reload my save to unlock so that has now been completed. Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions is one of my favourite games to play; it’s relaxing and infuriating all in one. I’ve always found jigsaw puzzles fascinating but these ones on hard difficulty really get my brain working. Next, I started Limb Hunter. To many, it’s known for high/easy gamerscore but I actually really enjoyed what the game had to offer and it’s definitely given me the itch to return to Dead Cells. Finally, I started Wonderland Nights: White Rabbit’s Diary for one of my next review games; a schedule-based simulation visual novel. That should be online within the next couple of days.

Most exciting news of this week: Seeing Judas, the next game from the creator of BioShock, will release before March 2025 is intriguing to me. It’ll be interesting to see what route the game takes. Also not forgetting the release of Hogwarts Legacy this week which is getting exceptional praise. I’m excited to try this at a later date; I’m just hoping the sorting hat places me in Ravenclaw.

Looking forward to playing: Chained Echoes and more Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions.

Dae Jim

Past days were all about Hogwarts Legacy, a game that will regularly return in this Eyes article in the coming weeks. I had a few other review tasks too, two of them still secret. Another one was Fashion Police Squad, a fun FPS with the twist that you fix fashion crimes.

Most exciting news of this week: Nintendo Direct I guess, although it was really boring for me to watch.

Looking forward to playing: Hogwarts Legacy.


I’m thrilled about Final Fantasy Theathryth Final Bar Line and have been playing the demo like crazy. Also started playing Hot Wheels Unleashed again now that the DLC is in Xbox Game Pass, still my favourite arcade racer of recent years! And just now, me and the kids beat Asfalia: Anger, a point & click game for kids that reminded me of playing Freddie Fish when I was young. Was super proud of my 7yo, who beat the game all by herself. The first time she rolled credits on a game without help. Will be writing a short review for it soon!

Most exciting news of this week: The Nintendo Direct was amazing for me, with the Advance Wars release date, Ghost Trick getting a remaster and Metroid Prime’s shadow drop.

Looking forward to playing: Hopefully, a review copy for Final Fantasy Theathrythm lands in my inbox so I can keep playing, if not: Fire Emblem Engage.


This week I finally got around to playing more Dead Space Remake. It’s a very atmospheric game with some awesome additions that still make it feel refreshing & though you are experiencing it again for the first time. I really like how Isaac now has a voice compared to the first, and you really get to be inside his head & can now tell what he’s feeling.

Sadly though, due to work, this is all I’ve managed to get done in terms of gaming time but will be making this game my main focus for the foreseeable future.

Most exciting news of this week: Metroid Prime Remastered coming to Nintendo Switch!

Looking forward to playing: More Dead Space Remake.


At the risk of sounding like Pinky and the Brain, I’ve played what I play mostly every week. No taking over the world here, but rather saving it in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. I’ve joined the Bozjan resistance in driving out the Garlean Empire. This special mode sees you fighting on the frontlines, taking part in world events called skirmishes and boss fights called critical engagements. It’s a fun mode that’s good for levelling and even comes with a parallel questline to forge a relic weapon. When I wasn’t doing that, I was levelling up my crafting and gathering jobs to make optimal use out of the endgame zones I’m finally reaching.

Didn’t do much ghost hunting this week in Phasmophobia, but when I did, I upped the difficulty even further. This time trying to correctly identify the ghosts with one piece of the puzzle missing. While you’d think this would just make it educated guesswork, all ghosts exhibit specific behavior to tell them apart if you know what to look and listen for. Let’s say I’m not quite there yet.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak also had some time in the, well, sun. Genthical and I finally did the first run of our idea to keep hunts feeling fresh: Monster and weapon roulette. All in all, it went slightly better than expected and made for a couple of tough fights. Now, who is Genethical you ask? He’s been one of the friends I’ve been playing Monster Hunter and Phasmophobia with all this time and has decided to try his hand at reviewing games. While it might not be this week or the next, I hope you’ll look forward to reading his reviews when they release.

Most exciting news of this week: Obviously the Nintendo Direct. The new Tears of the Kingdom trailer, Metroid Prime remastered, Bayonetta: Cereza and the lost Demon trailer and Splatoon DLC announcements got me excited for the future.

Looking forward to playing: I hope to delve further into the Bozjan Southern Front storyline on Final Fantasy XIV, as well as push forward on the main story quests.