Eyes on the Week (19th – 23rd June)

Eyes on the Week (19th – 23rd June)

Time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

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After spending Father’s Day with my Dad and seeing what video games he likes to play, I have been playing Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ constantly and I’m completely addicted to the game. Everything about it is exciting to me – whether it’s getting involved in PvP (which notably, I do try to avoid if possible) or doing missions to earn rewards and rank up. Me and Lewis have been on it every day since and I must say, I’ve missed Call of Duty. Looking to get the Vault Edition but I haven’t decided yet.

I also continued my hardcore character on Diablo IV and managed to reach Level 50 after completing the main campaign which I’m super happy about. However, I’m now in three minds about whether to continue with hardcore, level my main sorceress more or wait until Season 1 to start. Anyway, the review is underway so that’ll be live when finished.

Most exciting news of this week: Nothing has massively caught my attention other than the tragic loss of life from the implosion of the sub recently seen and heard about on the news.

Looking forward to playing: More DMZ, Diablo IV, and reviewing games which need my attention.


Where to begin? I played so many games this week, but none of them very long.

I beat Tinykin and I’m now working towards the 100% completion, I started playing Fall of Porcupine and intend to review it at some point. I played Zombie Derby 2 and loved how many achievements I got in it. I beat A Building Full Of Cats in one sitting after I read Jim’s review. And I played a lot of Street Fighter 6 for the review I intended to get out today, but work got in the way.

Heck, I even got a review copy of Final Fantasy XVI, which I sadly can’t cover here since it’s a PS5 exclusive, but I’m beyond excited to continue playing that this weekend. It just exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Check my video if the first hour HERE.

Most exciting news of this week: The Nintendo Direct had a lot of cool reveals like Detective Pikachu 2, the Mario RPG remake and a new 2D Mario.

Looking forward to playing: Sorry Xbox, but in the coming weeks, my PS5 will be king of the household with FF16 running on it!


Last weekend, I played some item hunter from Artifex Mundi, Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden, with my wife. Then I went back to The Big Con on Game Pass – I still need to finish my adventure pickpocketing throughout the country.

From Monday onward, I focused on completing some games from my Xbox 360. First, I went for some online achievements for Tomb Raider (and had a great time making new friends while doing so). Other than that, I got some sweet achievements on Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution.

Most exciting news of this week: FTC vs Microsoft ABK deal and everything that is coming to the public as we speak.

Looking forward to playing: (and finish!) Naruto and The Big Con – hopefully finishing both this weekend. And maybe, one more Artifex Mundi adventure with my wife.


This week I played through the new Layers of Fear 2023 remake. It was okay, but apart from the story being recontextualised, there really wasn’t much else added apart from the usual graphical overhaul. Look out for the review going live this week.

Other than this, I picked up Final Fantasy XVI this morning and will be playing through this for the foreseeable future. So far, I haven’t even gotten an hour in, so it’s still early days at the moment. But since the early reviews have painted it well, I’m sure I will love it as it’s one of my favourite franchises of all time.

Most exciting news of this week: Super Mario RPG Remake is a thing & launching this year. Can’t wait for that!

Looking forward to playing: Final Fantasy XVI.


I played a bit of Dordogne this week for an upcoming review. I really like how it looks and what it’s about, but I’ll leave the details for the review itself. I also became a year older this week, people say I’m still young, but damn, I feel so old already 🥲

Most exciting news of this week: The FTC v. Microsoft case finally seeing the courtroom, for the better or worse.

Looking forward to playing: More Dordogne, on my Series X that was just delivered 👀


It’s been a busier week once again for me, so I didn’t get to do all I’d hoped. Regardless of that, I did play a fair number of things if only a little.

In Final Fantasy XIV I managed to create my Amazing Manderville relic weapon and upgrade it as far as it goes. These are a lot easier to make than the other relics, which is a welcome change from my time on the Bozjan front.

On Astroneer I did what I do best, and that’s exploring the many procedural caves. I even went all the way to the core of the starting planet. In Outward I progressed the main questline by recruiting the giants to our cause. These stalwart allies will sure come in handy later down the line. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom also saw some action. And in typical fashion I set out to prepare for my fight with Ganondorf, only to end up doing a load of other, unrelated things. I’ve also kept up with my daily tasks and farms on Honkai Star Rail since I’m waiting for more story at this point.

Most exciting news of this week: We got a surprise, yet somewhat expected, Nintendo Direct about upcoming titles this year. Super Mario Bros Wonder, Detective Pikachu Returns, Persona 5 Tacticia, Silent Hope, Dragon Quest Monsters and the Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol.1 all caught my attention.

Looking forward to playing: I’m going to London until the middle of next week, so I’m bringing Tears of the Kingdom on my Switch Lite. Oh, and I’m staying with a friend who’s got Final Fantasy XVI, so I’ll try to get some time with that while I wait for a PC release.


I have continued playing Army of Ruin this week. such a fun and addictive game.

And I have started playing Mark of the Ninja: Remastered, what an awesome game!

Most exciting news of this week: I don’t own a switch but I’m still happy that Pikmin 4 is announced. This genre is not used to much, please more games with minions!

Looking forward to playing: Not really time for gaming this weekend, so if I’ll play games then it will be more Army of Ruin and Mark of the Ninja Remaster. I’m looking at Lova Lands, as that looks right up my alley and the reviews are great, but I think it will have to wait.


A short one this week. I finished Outward! The Three Brothers DLC for it, and I’m sadly disappointed. I cannot recommend the base game enough, but I’d honestly skip this DLC in particular. Oh, and get the OST: it is pure quality and comes in MP3 and WAV.

Besides that, life made sure that I’d be busy enough that I’d barely have time for games. I dipped into Phasmophobia and Astroneer with my usual group, we keep going for harder difficulty modes in the former and for resources that are more difficult to acquire in the latter.
The. Base. Must. Grow.

Most exciting news of this week: A pretty interesting Nintendo Direct took place on Wednesday. We had announcements ranging from the Batman Arkham games coming to the Switch and Persona 5 Tactica to Dragon Quest Monsters and Pikmin 4 (Oatchi is too cute.) Overall, it felt a bit too Mario-centric, which is a shame for someone like me with no interest in that franchise. But it wasn’t lacking in other potential gems by any means!

Looking forward to playing: ‘m keeping this section relevant to that Direct. Metal Gear Solid Master Collection (Never played ANY Metal Gear game, believe it or not!) Vampire Survivors but specifically in 4-person coop (I wanna fry an egg on my Switch,) and Silent Hope looked cool!