Emily Wants To Play Review

Review Emily Wants To Play | This game from Shawn Hitchcock is already pretty popular with PC gamers that stream on Twitch, because of the nature of the mechanics. Grab a pizza and read this Xbox One version review from Emily Wants To Play.


  • Emily Wants To Play’s terrifying atmosphere and unexpected jump-scares make it a perfect game to play when you have some friends over. Just be careful that nobody has a weak heart!
  • Surviving Emily’s scary dolls is a trial and error mechanic, I’m not spoiling the solutions because it’s fun finding out what you need to do.  Near the end every villain works together giving you a hard time surviving, so be prepared for some challenge too.
  • While the game isn’t going to win any beauty-awards, it’s a remarkable performance for just one person. I did like the great use of light and shadows, increasing that terror experience.
  • Horrifying laughs, creepy footsteps or loud scary screams. The sound really makes the game better.
  • Great value, for only €5 you get a game that you can play for a few hours. You can enjoy from the reactions from friends and you get some really effective scare-jumps that have become pretty rare in this generation.

Mixed feelings

  • The Story set-up is very generic, pizza delivery boy getting trapped in a house. Besides a few notes, you don’t really know what happened with Emily. A deep character background or story isn’t really required for a game like this so I’m willing to forgive the game for lacking in this content.
  • If I ever come across the same situation as the pizza delivery boy I kick the door in or jump outside a window. It’s possible that Emily has the power to seal of every exit but the main character doesn’t even try it, a small oversight.


  • It’s a shame that after a while you get a little “bored” from the jump scares, you will still get that jump-scare but the game lacks a little more cut scenes. That means you see the same cut scene over and over again.
  • After you find the solution for each dolls the game will become immensely repetitive, forcing you to do the same thing over and over again.

Score: 78% | Emily Wants To Play is a perfect game for gamers that enjoy scary experience. Your heart rate will reach high momentum when playing this game, with some excellent jump-scares.