Dead Rising Review

Review Dead Rising | You could call it a memorable Xbox moment, but I still remember how impressed I was with Dead Rising on the Xbox 360.  Today I am a pretty big fan of the more casual Dead Rising 3 and anxiously waiting for the latest in the franchise, Dead Rising 4. You don’t have to wait with killing zombies because Capcom delivers a 10th anniversary edition with a remastered Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.  In this review we take a look the game that started the franchise, Dead Rising. 


  • I’m glad that Dead Rising didn’t get a big visual overhaul, giving you that nostalgic feeling while playing. Don’t worry though, the game still looks remarkable well for a ten-year-old game. The resolution bump can’t help with some dated textures but I could live with that.
  • One of the best things about the first Dead Rising are the characters. You play as Frank West, a very cool and funny photographer. The real show highlights are the weird psychopaths that you find in the game, a good example Adam The Clown. Once you have seen this guy you will never forget him.
  • Ask people what they think when they hear Dead Rising and you will hear zombies, funny and combo weapons. Combo weapons aren’t in the first Dead Rising but you have a big selection of crazy opportunities. A lawnmower, a big Katana , lipsticks props. The list goes on and on, one thing is for sure you’ll love killing zombies with what’s available.
  • Everything sounds like it should be.  Voice acting, weapon sounds, the aggressive moaning from zombies, background music, everything works together to make the atmosphere very believable.
  • Killing thousands of zombies will never get old, especially with all the brutal graphics and lovely weapons. You have a hundred funny ways for killing the undead, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for gamers.
  • It doesn’t really add anything to the game’s story but taking pictures with Frank’s camera is an easy and fun mechanic. You do earn some bonus PP-points for leveling up. Anyway, I had a blast taking pictures of zombies. The game surprises you with some special occasions, for example: early in the game two people find each other again, if you take a picture when they hug you get an insane amount of PP-points.

Mixed Feelings

  • You love or hate it, the famous  time system from Dead Rising. I understand both parties and personally I’m leaning towards disliking the time limit while playing the game. (Glad to see this removed from Dead Rising 4) Although I perfectly understand that someone really likes the pressure feeling and realism. The way the game is set-up it encourages exploring and having fun with all the weapons, because of the limited time you are forced to ignore it and hurry things up.  Even missing out on main and side missions.


  • Escorting survivors is one of the tasks that will take most of your time, the idea behind it is fun but the overall experience is frustrating. I still remember yelling at stupid survivors getting stuck in the environment or walking right towards zombie hordes in 2006, sadly nothing has changed about that in this new version for Xbox One. To give an example, early in the game you need to rescue two Japanese tourists. I just couldn’t save them, they always ended up dying because they got stuck behind objects or were attacked by humans in a car.  So to be clear the Artificial Intelligence sucks.
  • I’m not a big fan for the limited save point mechanic, multiple times I had to restart 10-30 minutes of gameplay because a lucky zombie could bite some chunks from me. Save points are scattered in too few places, resulting in some frustrating section replays.

Score: 78% | If you have never played Dead Rising before I can highly recommend getting this game for only €20 (Or buy the triple-pack) For me, Dead Rising is a memorable game that changed the gaming industry when it came out in 2006. It was a blast playing it again on Xbox One with improved performance, I suggest you try it too.

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