Eight less known Xbox One games with potential that are coming for 2017 (Part 1)

Each year you have games that take everyone by surprise, with so many great AAA-games it’s  logical that some games struggle to get some attention. LifeisXbox takes a look at eight games that seem to have great potential but are struggling to get some attention in the media. 

Thimbleweed Park

Developer: Terrible Toybox
Release: Early 2017

This game simply looks fantastic, a classic point & click adventure game is pretty rare these days and Thimbleweed Park seems to be a great game to have on Xbox. Artifex Mundi releases quite a few point & click search games so I’m pretty sure that the console has a market for this game.

Airport Architect

Developer: UIG Entertainment
Release: Spring 2017

Making your own airport and taking care for your passengers. I always had a small weakness for simulation games like Hospital Tycoon and Microsoft’s Zoo Tycoon and Airport Architect seems to fill that fun genre.

Shiness: The Lighting Kingdom

Developer: Enigami
Release: 2017

Awesome looking characters, rich exploration and a dynamic fighting system. Shiness has been one of my most anticipated games in a while now and I hope it can find a community on Xbox One.

Seasons After Fall

Developer: Swing Swing Submarine
Release: Q1 2017

For some reason this game reminds me about Ori and the Blind Forest. You can’t compare the gameplay but I get the same emotional vibes from it. With a positive PC release I’m really looking forward for the console version!

Fear effect: Sedna

Developer: Sushee
Release: Spring 2017

Fear effect, the slight erotic Playstation One game serie is still one of my earliest favorite games. Indie-developer Sushee recently did a Kickstarter and aims for launching Sedna in the spring. I’m really curious to see if they can deliver something great, for me, I’m looking forward for playing with Hanna and Rain


Developer: DONTNOD
Release: Q4 2017

After Remember Me and especially Life is Strange I have become a huge fan for DONTNOD. Vampyr is one of my most anticipated Xbox One games for next year. Just check out the gameplay video to see how freaking cool the game looks!

Air Guitar Warrior

Developer: Virtual Air Guitar
Release: 2017

Not much is known about Virtual Air Guitar’s next Kinect game, but I’m sure it will be good again, like always. Busy times for the developer though, with Boom Ball for Kinect 2 and Air Guitar Warrior in the making, Kinect fans can really be glad that the studio still actively supports Kinect for Xbox One.

Phantom Dust Remastered

Developer: Microsoft Game Studios
Release: Sometime in 2017

After Microsoft’s E3 they announced two more games that many gamers missed. Halo Wars Remastered and Phantom Dust Remastered. It’s only a remaster now and not a new game like the previous announced Phantom Dust from Darkside Game Studio. Still, I’m really happy that microsoft still support this niche game, I hope it can find a place in my gamer hearts.

Check back again next week for Part 2! We have quite a lot of great games coming next year, and every single one deserves some attention!