Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 reviews








Reviews for Atari Flashback Classics vol.1 and Atari Flashback Classics vol.2 | Reviewing these two collections games was a pure joy of nostalgia, a mind-blowing 100 games, fifty on each volume. I have to admit that most of them were all new experiences for me, most of them gave a dated feeling but quite a few still managed to give fun and addictive gameplay. 

 Volume 1 games:
Black Widow, Centipede, Liberator, Lunar LanderMillipede, PongSpace DuelTempest, Warlords, 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe, Air-Sea BattleBackgammonBasketballBlack Jack, BowlingCanyon BomberCentipedeCircus Atari, CombatCombat TwoDesert FalconDodge ‘EmFatal RunFootballHome RunHuman CannonballMillipedeMiniature GolfPong SportsQuadrunRadar LockRealsports BoxingRealsports FootballRealsports SoccerRealsports Volleyball, Save Mary, Slot Machine, Slot RacersSprintmaster, Star Raiders, Steeplechase, Stunt CycleSuper BaseballSuper FootballSwordquest EarthWorldSwordquest FireWorldSwordquest WaterWorldTempestWarlords,& Yars’ Revenge.

 Volume 2 games:
Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Crystal Classics, GravitarMajor Havoc, Missile CommandRed BaronSpring, Super Breakout, Adventure, AsteroidsAtari Video CubeBasic MathBrain Games, BreakoutCasinoChampionship SoccerCodebreaker, ConcentrationCrystal ClassicsDemons to DiamondsDouble DunkFlag CaptureGolfGravitarHangmanHaunted House, Maze CrazeMissile CommandNight DriverOff the WallOutlawRaceRealsports BaseballRealsports Basketball, Realsports Tennis, Return to Haunted House, Secret QuestSentinel, Sky Diver, Space War, Star ShipStellar TrackStreet RacerSubmarine CommanderSuper BreakoutSurround, Video CheckersVideo Chess, & Video Pinball.


  • Not all but some games have online multiplayer and leaderboard, for some reason older games have that magical touch were leaderboard’s are still a fun thing. Getting a sweet spot is addictive and can become really competitive between friends.
  • I’m so glad that Atari decided to not use your TV’s aspect ratio, just like Rare Replay the games have a smaller box so everything is crisp and not blurred. Will some gamers dislike that their brand new 4K Television doesn’t fill an entire screen? Maybe, but I’m absolutely sure that Retro-fans won’t mind it at all.
  • One thing I really loved about the two collections are the Achievements. I know, each Xbox One game has them but more than others they really give a reason to play a game, and provide extra replay value. They aren’t easy to get, some even seem impossible but I like a challenge!
  • A lot of love is spend on the overall presentation, with original scans as manuals and cartridges. These small details prove that Atari isn’t simply hoping for cash from Retro-lovers, with the two Flashback Classics.

Mixed Feelings

  • Adjusting the controls for today’s Xbox One controller hasn’t been an easy task for the developer. And it’s a hit and miss experience, some games control fantastic, most of them control okayish and a few are terrible to handle. For example Pong is really, but really difficult to control. It doesn’t really spoil your experience that much but I sometimes missed controlling it with the original hardware.


  • Not all games are worth your time, calling some games shovelware might be a little offensive, and I’m sure each game will have fans but some are really outdated or simply weren’t fun to begin with when they came out.

Score: both of them get a 75% | Atari Flashback Classics Vol.1 and Vol.2 are two must have collections for retro lovers. Not everyone will enjoy the very simplistic graphics and gameplay but trying out the 100 games will give you so much nostalgia!