Belgian Xbox One games coming in 2017

LifeisXbox always tries to support indie-developers, we try to post a review for each and every indie-game and we don’t mind promoting smaller games on Twitter. I’m from the small country Belgium and we have quite a few indie-developers that are making Xbox One games. Larian Studios will be an example for many developers from my region, every Belgian gamer can be really proud for Divinity but we have more already released games that are worth your time. After reading this article you will get to know the already released Xbox One games and what’s coming in 2017 from Belgium.

First we take a quick look at the available Belgian Xbox One games

Our reviews: Guns, Gore & Cannoli and Quatros Origins.
Be sure to check them out, I’m not biased when I say that they are all worth your money and time!

Now, let’s take a look at what you can play from Belgium in 2017 on Xbox One!


Antigraviator from Team Cybernetic Walrus was added later into this article but has my biggest interest. As a big Wipeout fan, this game simply looks fantastic. The high speeds racer will surely take me to the edge of the seat. Be sure to check out the trailer below!

Revolve from Rusty Bolt (Bruges) is a triggeractive platformer with a Sci-Fi setting. You control Reevo, a drone on wheels with magnetic powers. We learn from the gameplay trailer that the game is very focused on gravity and platforming puzzles. It will first launch on Steam and they aim to bring it for Xbox One around May-August 2017. Be sure to check out the great gameplay trailer below!

Mayan Death Robots from Sileni Studios (Hoboken) can be compared with Worms but with a serious twist. The game is much more focused on building defensive and planning your attacks. It has received many positive critic feedback, for example IGN and Destructoid really loved it.  I myself have played it too at GameForce, while I couldn’t play it for long (I had to help the Xbox stand) I really liked it.

Not much is known about Neopica‘s (Ghent) next game, we can expect a triple-A open world First person shooter for Q3-Q4 2017. Not really something you would expect from a studio that made I Love My Pony or I love My Cats. They are searching for an Unreal 4 programmer so it would make sense that their coming game will run on Unreal Engine 4.  I wish them well and I’m very curious to see what this will be!

Currently, the biggest Belgian studio is Larian (Ghent) and all around the world people are really waiting for their next game Divinity Original Sin 2. (myself included, the first Original Sin was bloody awesome) It is expected that this will come in 2017 for consoles, but no official word yet from the developer.


And let us not forget that after 2017 more years follow

I really hope that more Belgian studios find their way to the Xbox Store, with ID@Xbox it’s really easy to publish a game for Xbox One. Studios like Triangle Factory, Pajama Llama Games and Lugus Studios sure have the potential to bring something good.

One game that’s coming from a Belgian developer beyond 2017 is Trifox from two-man studio Glowfish interactive (Kortrijk) Be sure to check this one out because the colorful world and great art design are something really special.

Damn! Did I forget to add your game? Please contact me and ill update this article with your Belgian game for Xbox One!

I would like to say special thanks to FLEGA and The House of Indie for supporting Belgian studios.