Furi Review

Review Furi | Six months after the PS4 release, Furi will finally be available on Xbox One. After hearing so many positive reactions I was thrilled to see the review code in my mailbox. Furi is something different, something unique and hair pulling difficult. You have never tried to escape a more insanely difficult prison before! Read more in this Furi review.


  • Furi is a boss fight only game, these bosses are designed by Takashi Okazaki, you maybe know him from Afro Samurai. Almost every boss character is memorable, ill never forget Furi’s second boss “The Strap” Not only the design is great but each boss has a different fighting tactic, it’s really fun learning and countering enemy attacks, even if it will become frustrating to die a million times. It all comes down to understanding the combat’s rhythm and patterns, this gameplay won’t be for everyone but those that want to invest time will get a very enjoyable experience.
  • Visually the game is something really special, like I already said the character design is beyond beautiful. The environments, especially in the cut scenes make you think you are controlling some kind of dream. The way it shifts to 3D and 2D is something I never seen before, visually and gameplay-wise. I’m a big fan for surrealism, and Furi really makes me happy in that regard with some great surrealism design.
  • Furi has a killer soundtrack that really sucks you right into the right emotion and adrenaline-feeling. Some of the unforgettable boss fights come with a perfect sound, making sure you are right in the zone.
  • Boss fight, The Line is the finest example for what you need to succeed Furi. Patience, nothing more and nothing less. It is a bold move from the developers to create a game like this but I’m really glad that they took the risk. This Hack&Slash action game is truly one-of-a-kind.


  • Surviving twenty minutes, making a small mistake in the last wave. That’s something that is bound to happen and will surely frustrate you. You have no checkpoints while fighting a boss and you are forced to restart the entire thing if you fail. That’s part of the game, I didn’t really dislike it but I feel that some kind of checkpoint system would have been welcome so more gamers can enjoy it.


  • After (finally) defeating a boss you enter some kind of interactive cut scene. While developer The Game Bakers has many tricks up their sleeve with cool looking camera angles, great artistic world design and okayish dialogue it still remains one hell of a boring thing. You just hope it is over soon so you can continue with a new boss fight. Luckily the actual gameplay makes up for this, so please don’t hold off your purchase for some boring weird two-to-six minute playable cut scenes.

Score: 80% | Not everyone will enjoy the difficulty from Furi, so take that as a warning. However, I really loved it and I can only recommend buying it. You haven’t played anything like this before.