Review: Classic Snake Adventures

Review: Classic Snake Adventures

Who doesn’t remember the popular game Snake? A super simple, yet addictive game that used to be on every phone at the end of the ’90 and begin of the ’00. Did you know that the idea of the game dates back to 1976? Crazy, right?! Developers Crazysoft Limited decided it was time to introduce a remake so all (semi-)grow-ups could lay back and dream about the good old days. Their new title was introduced as Classic Snake Adventures, and seeing as I’m a big fan of the snake games on phones, I had to try this out!

What we liked!

  • Nostalgic: Let’s face it, the biggest attraction to this game is definitely its nostalgic aspect. It’s basically the old school game remade with hand-drawn 2D art and a 3D snake. The five different types of land you come across, make for some nice variations along the way.
  • Gameplay: The gameplay is a little more ‘complex’ than your usual snake game. It’s your goal to obtain a certain amount of pieces of fruit. You get some lives and you have to complete your task in a given time. Of course, you have to avoid all obstacles. However, there are some bonuses! Throughout the game, items can appear, making it up to you to choose to go after the fruit or make a detour and get some extras. A heart gives you an extra life, and touching a turbo booster will make your snake gain super speed for a few seconds. Eating meat will make your snake grow while catching a soda will it shrink again. A clock will give you some extra time, even though this seemed to be unnecessary (or at least in my case). Last but not least, there are presents and letters (B O N U S). The presents give you extra points. Collect all five letters and get your hearts refilled and extra bonus points!

Somewhere between

  • Music: You get to listen to various tunes but honestly, the music often got on my nerves. Not all sounds that are being used, are equally fun to listen to. This did get in the way of the game being fun sometimes.
  • Bosses: So, there are five worlds, each counting 20 rounds. The last round of a world is a boss. Cool, a boss! Right? That was my first thought. But honestly, the bosses aren’t really that special? Every now and then, they throw an obstacle but it’s never that hard to dodge. I expected it to be a little more special.

What we disliked

  • Borders: There is one thing that annoyed me SO MUCH during this game. The borders are so unclear, holy shit! Sometimes you’d bump into a border while thinking you were doing fine and it’s just, UGH! I let my boyfriend try this game as well and he felt exactly the same about it.



Classic Snake Adventures was pretty much as I expected it and I enjoyed playing it very much. I found it to be very addictive, which is a typical aspect of snake games. Safe to say that the developers nailed that part. The extras are a nice addition, adding a little more fun and challenge to the whole thing. However, the unclear borders are a big demerit. It’d be nice if the devs could take a look into that!