Review: Cat Quest 2

Review: Cat Quest 2

If I’m truly honest? I hadn’t even heard about Cat Quest. So I did some research and turned out that it was an actually well-received game back then! Obviously that immediately intrigued me and before long I had it installed on my drive and was ready to em-bark (hehe) on an epic quest! Cat Quest 2 is set in an alternate universe where cats and dogs reign supreme. In this open-world RPG you’ll be completing all sorts of quests while slaying all kinds of enemies. The game’s story tells the tale of 2 amazing kings. A literal tale about cat and dog having to work together to bring back any possibility of peace to their respective kingdoms. Will they prevail? Or was it better for The Gentlebros to bury this one next to skelly bones? Let’s find out in our review of Cat Quest 2!

What do you do? You play as one of 2 long lost kings. Once rivals now turned allies, it is your job to reclaim both of your kingdoms and finally bring peace between both Feline and Lupine people alike. EmBARK on a journey that is littered with Miauwsands of enemies and unite both species!

What we liked!

  • Plays and looks beautifully: First thing that you’ll come to notice? Just has to be how absolutely gorgeous this game actually is! The colors are vibrant and bring life to this fantasy world. The combat is fluid and plays out without a hitch and to top it all off? The NPC’s look so cute? That you’ll have a heart attack just by utter fluffality! The environments have enough variation that keeps the entire thing fresh and never dull! 
  • Variable equipment & Skills: When I would say that you’ve got quite a bit of customization? Then I’m not lying! There are dozens of different equipments for you to discover and use. Each one of these has its own status bonuses. One type would, for instance, boost your critical damage %, while others will buff your healing power. But on top of that? You’ll actually see visual differences when you switch armors and weapons. That’s just a tiny detail that I absolutely love in games that give you different armor types. That it’s aesthetically different as well! But that’s not all! Since this is an RPG, you’ll also be able to choose what kind of character you’ll be. Will you be a healer? Or will you be an assassin? A massive tank? Or something in between? The world is your oyster! And you’ll be able to customize it even more with different skills. The skills in this game aren’t unlocked by leveling up. But rather by doing side quests or by reading stone slabs that you’ll find strewn about everywhere.
  • Side Quests: To add even more content to this already quite filled game? Are the number of side quests you’ll actually be able to emBARK on! Each one of these side quests are multi-pronged storylines that not only unlock powerful equipment but also forks over quite a bit of Experience! So if you’re finding yourself running a bit behind on levels, and haven’t done a lot of side quests yet? Why not give it a try! It might tip you over the scale and bowl you right into the next Main story quest!
  • Couch co-op: Yup! You can either choose to play Cat Quest 2 solo or with someone right next to you. And don’t be afraid that you’ll be at a disadvantage when doing solo mode though. You can perfectly balance your builds out that your AI companion becomes a decent tank that deals a ton of damage! That’s how I did it, and it worked out perfectly! My doggo was my tank, while I was the mage/healer. But if you want to play with a friend or your significant other? Then go out of your game, and just press continue but just select co-op! It’s just that simple to swap from Solo to Co-op! Amazing!

Somewhere between

  • Boring combat if…: So, I’ve got this thing… I want to explore the entire game. So much so, that I tend to sidetrack the main storyline. An example, during my far cry review, I had put 10+ hours into the game… While I still needed to get into the main story. So, this was the case here again… I completed side quests, I delved into caves… And obviously I became over-leveled fairly early on. This made it so that I was easily killing everything in front of me… And of course, the damage had been done. With each level I increased from that point on, the gap between me and my enemies became larger and larger. So much so that I didn’t see any thrill at all anymore in fighting certain types since I could 2 shot them. Sigh… It would’ve been nice if they kind of scale with me but oh well… So just a heads up, don’t go off track too much, okay everyone?

What we disliked

  • Game over? Resets!: If there was one thing that I absolutely HATED again Cat Quest 2? Then it just absolutely without a doubt has to be when you’re dead. If you’re doing a dungeon or a mission dungeon, and you die? It doesn’t set you at the beginning of the dungeon. Oh no, it teleports you back to the start of the quest! It doesn’t matter how far you had to travel to get there, or how many enemies were in between the start and your goal. Nope! You lose! You don’t pass start, you don’t collect 2000$, you have to redo everything. The weird thing is though when you DO get back to the dungeon, everything that you previously unlocked? IS NOT RESET!!! So you can just go through it in a quick and orderly fashion… So why not do it for death as well! Damnit The Gentlebros. I was about to give this game a “no bad points found”. But then I died during the chase of a certain main villain, and was teleported all the way across barkarra desert… I actually rage quit the game then… Goddamnit…


Rating: 85%


Cats Quest 2 is without a doubt a decent recommendation for anyone who just loves a cute and wholesome RPG. The story is decent, it looks absolutely fantastic and the fluidity of the overall gameplay is just mewlicious! It’s actually so much fun that because I haven’t played Cat Quest 1, that I’m actually thinking of purchasing the first one as well! The Gentlebros are on my must-follow list, that’s for sure! So if you’re on the lookout for an amazing game? Then be sure to give this one a try, it’s funny, it’s cute and it’s perfect for every age CATegory! And if you don’t agree? Then you’re just barking mad I tell you! BARKING MAD!