Review: Ice Age Scrat’s Nutty Adventure!

Review: Ice Age Scrat’s Nutty Adventure!

Talk about a throwback Thursday! Let’s go all the way back to 2002 and talk about a movie that took the theaters by storm. Ice Age. It was funny, original and overall well received amongst all ages. The crazy adventure of Manny, Diego, and Sid. But there was one little critter that conquered us more than any other creature in this movie. A little woodland creature that was known only by the name Scrat. Scrat ‘s fame skyrocketed and in each movie his cooky adventure became more elaborate as to where he was trying his damned best to hide his nut, which never seemed to work. All of this to culminate when he finally finds out that there are space squirrels just like him! But then… The Ice Age craze sort of seemed to die off. Until now, when out of the blue Scrat’s nutty adventure got announced. I actually looked around to see if a new ice age movie was on the horizon? Because this feels out of place, especially after all those years… But nope. This game has no reason except for it having Scrat in it. Was it best left off in the frozen tundra of Ice Age? Or was the revival welcomed? Let’s find out in this review of Ice Age Scrat ‘s nutty adventure!

What do you do? You play as Scrat. During your quest of hiding your nut, you stumble across a tree stump. Inside this stump is a huge cavern filled with alien technology. When walking to one of the pedestals, it starts to shine and show you a landscape. When you finally decide to run away, you get shot right into this land, and it’s up to you to find yourself a new nut!

What we liked!

  • Perfect for the tiny ones: Scrat’s nutty adventure is in no way shape or forms a difficult game. The enemies are easy to read and understand, making it perfect for even the youngest of gamers. And believe me, it appeals to them! My youngest son absolutely adored each time that the game started. None of the enemies look scary and are kids proof. Even when you defeat them? They fall asleep or faint. If that’s not kid-friendly? Then I don’t know!
  • Quite expansive: For being a kids game, there actually is quite a bit of content in here. In each level, you’ll be able to collect tablet pieces and collectible statues. These tablet pieces form together in the cave that is under the stump. These have their own meaning! For you to find out when you collect them all!
  • Gorgeous environment: What had my jaw absolutely dropping to the floor just has to be the fact that the graphics, and also corresponding environmental prowess are just gorgeous to look at. Everything has been given a well worth look-over, and they just look screenshot perfect. Especially everything that ‘s happening behind the scenes! It could be a huge brachiosaurus that’s munching on some leaves, but there are points where sabretooth tigers are looking down at you from the high ridges, ready to pounce on you. Just take the time to stand still once in a while, and be amazed by how it all looks!

Somewhere between

  • Poor excuse for a story?: While I wasn’t expecting much, I still was hoping for a bit more than what the game offers you in terms of a story mode. What I mostly got was, go and collect nuts, and return them to the stump. Why? The backstory of scrat? Nothing… Other than it was needed because you are the One chosen warrior! And to bring back these sacred nuts, also meant to unlock your latent powers. That’s basically the gist of the story. Yeah… Nothing to shake a stick at, I know…
  • Hit Detection: When on the subject of damaging enemies or you getting hit? The game tends to be kind of all over the place. I’ve had times where I see one of those nut throwers clearly miss me when I jump up. But when I land I hear a sound-effect as if I did get hit, and I fly off. I mean, what? There was nothing there! So I am wondering if that nut ‘s hitbox was still there, even though the nut itself? Was gone. Visa Versa as well, sometimes I didn’t hit the other guy. But still, I see him getting damaged. Just, something to wrap your head around.

What we disliked

  • Camera: By far the biggest enemy you’ll encounter in this game is… Drumroll, please? THE CAMERA. Oh my god, I hate this thing! It is exactly like you remember those old school adventures to be! A crappy camera that jumps all over the place when you get into confined spaces. Are you jumping? Hang on, let me ruin your jump by suddenly turning around making you miss your landing entirely! There is no reason for it to be like this!


Rating: 71%


Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure is a game perfectly catered and suited for our young gamers amongst us. It’s got funny bits, the enemies aren’t too hard and the gameplay is quite enjoyable. Though the biggest if not worst drawback the game offers you, is by far the camera. Other than that I truly did enjoy this game, even when it was a bit too easy for my taste. But, then again, my son adored scrat ‘s wacky adventure across the landscapes of Ice Age so to that? Thank you Just Add Water for making my son smile