Blues and Bullets: Episode 2 review

I’m not going to hide my disappointment and say it right off the bat the wait between episode 1 and 2 has been too long. A shame because the first episode was pretty awesome. Let’s find out if episode 2 from Blues and Bullets was worth the wait in this review!

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  • Tension building dialogues with great voice actors, it’s all very believable and well written.
  • Characters are interesting and mysterious enough to keep players ongoing.  Especially Ness has some great character design choices that makes him a very likeable person, but also someone that you can compare yourself with.
  • The visual style makes the game stand out and delivers some sweet views.
  • While very easy, the cover shooting parts bring some differences in gameplay. The game remains fun and fresh with short action breaks.
  • That “Blues and Bullets” theme song continues to bring out so much emotion. Overall Blues and Bullets has a very impressive soundtrack.


  • Cover shooting gameplay is very easy, a little bit more challenge would make it more fun.
  • Choices doesn’t seem to make much difference


Score: 80% | Blues and Bullets is a game with very big potential. Developer A Crowd Of Monsters is building something that every gamer can enjoy. It remains to be seen if they can build something truly unforgettable, but I have faith that they can deliver on that mission. For now, the two episodes are worth playing and hopefully episode three will follow shortly.