Exclusive interview with Nick from Quantum Break. from main character to taxi driver…

It hasn’t been an easy time for Nick, he was promised a big future and had many movie requests after the Quantum Break reveal. Sadly things didn’t go as planned…

Jim: Hi Nick, thank you for this exclusive interview with LifeisXbox!

Nick: That’s fine, glad that somebody still remembers who I am after everything that happened.

Jim: Could you please explain what happened? I know it isn’t easy for you to talk about it but the world deserves to know what happened to you!

Nick: Sure, it will be painful to talk about but I think I am strong enough. At the Quantum Break reveal in 2013 it was announced that I was playing Jack Joyce, I must say that the public was very enthusiastic about my performance. It was a life changer for me that Remedy hired me. After some late night mo-caping, I met Jacqueline Pinol, the voice from Dr. Sofia. We went to get some drinks and things went pretty fast afterward… but people warned me to never fall in love with a coworker. And now I have to agree with them. We had a big argument in Sam Lake’s office and broke up after three weeks. Sam saw I was pretty down so he asked if I wanted to take some days off, after some hesitation I agreed.  I was supposed to come back a week later but I got a text message that the schedule changed, only to find out that mister pretty boy Shawn Ashmore was now playing Jack, and not me! It came as a total shock. The worse thing was that nobody told me and I had to find out on Neogaf that Remedy hired Shawn.

Jim: They didn’t have the courtesy to inform you?

Nick: No.

Jim: That must have been painf… (nick interrupted)

Nick: The only person that still talked with me was Courtney Hope, lovely lady although I haven’t heard from her in a while now.

Jim: So why and how did you get to play the role as a taxi driver? Going from the main character to cameo is, to put it lightly, mindblowing.

Nick: Remedy and Microsoft Studios couldn’t delay Quantum Break again after the first taxi driver actor died in a bathtub accident. They had some animation laying around that was suitable, they only needed some quick sentences. At first, I didn’t agree but they begged and I couldn’t be the person that got Quantum Break delayed again!

Jim: Thanks for your time Nick, I know I said the interview would take longer but I just have the confirmation that I have an interview with Shawn Ashmore.. Bye!

Nick: Oh my BLOODY… jerk!

After Nick’s interview Shawn said I needed to contact Remedy and Microsoft because the story that Nick told isn’t right. I did and Head of Xbox PR Aaron Greenberg told me that Nick had some drugs issues and couldn’t meet several deadline restrictions. He was given the taxy driver role because Sam Lake still wanted to thank him for his work.

(in case you didn’t know, this is a made up interview.)