Bit Dungeon Plus Review

Review Bit Dungeon Plus | We are seeing more and more cheap games on the Xbox Store, that’s not always a good thing but Bit Dungeon Plus is different, the game is well worth your time and money. Let’s find out why in this review!


  • I have seen and played so many randomized dungeon games that it’s getting hard to remember them all. The concept is pretty much the same for all, you die twenty thousand times, kill a million enemies and slow but surely improve your skills and abilities. Bit Dungeon Plus works exactly the same but has that magical, difficult to explain, addictive factor that makes you play the game for hours and hours. That’s the biggest positive thing I can say about the game, you start it and before you know it you have passed several hours.
  • You would think that attacking is the most important combat feature but that isn’t the case with Bit Dungeon. Defending, knowing when to press the block button and knowing how much damage you can take is a lot more important. Finding the timing between launching your attacks and blocking or avoiding the many attacks from enemies is quite a fun and balanced combat experience.
  • Lovely pixel graphics, I know that not all of you can appreciate the visual pixel look but I was really charmed by the dark, still colorful and detailed environments and characters.

Mixed Feelings

  • The cooperative mode between two players is some serious fun, it’s a little shame that gear and orbs aren’t earned by both players. It would have been easier if both players could get what they wanted.
  • At first the music is fine but after a while you notice the continuous looping. Things change-up often but when you explore every room you start to get a little annoyed by the music tracks.


  • Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. It’s the only real negative thing I can say that can result in disliking the game. You kill enemies, kill a few enemies more and two hours later you are still killing the same enemies over and over again. I can imagine that some gamers want more refreshing gameplay.

Score: 68% | Bit Dungeon Plus is a charming and dark randomized dungeon game with a cheap price tag. The attack and defending combat system is pretty addictive and can provide many hours of gaming fun.