Best indie games at Brasil Game Show 2017 (Part 1)

My favorite part of every BGS I attend. I’ve already declared a dozen times how much I love indie games, be it for their creativity, their courage of many small devs who leave their jobs to follow their dreams, or for the many possibilities big developers don’t explore but they do. Maybe it’s for the sum of all these aspects.

BGS is the opportunity for small Brazilian studios to show the world their talent and to try to strike a great deal to publish their games. During my time at the event, I could talk to programmers, art and sound directors, testers, producers, screenwriter and many other professionals who were presenting their products to the public. I wish I could have covered all the games present this year, but there were so many games that it became impossible for me try all of them. Here are some of the most impressive games I found at the event

No Heroes Here (from Mad Mimic)

Already with a small collection of prizes (The Pax 10 in Pax West 2017, Best Social Game in Game Connection Development Awards 2017, Best Gameplay PC Games and Best Sound PC Games in Max 2017 and Winner of Edital SPCINE 2016), No Heroes Here is a frantic and comical 2D co-op game (both online and local – yeah!) up to 4 players that mix castle defense with platforming. Think about it as ‘Overcooked meets Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime in the middle age’ to understand what it’s all about. I could try this game with a trio of strangers and we managed to beat the demo available in their stand. Through communication and teamwork, you must craft gunpowder and cannonballs, arm your defenses and use them against waves of enemies that approach your castle.

The game’s already available at Steam since early October 2017 and may come to Xbox One soon. I’m already looking forward to it.

Memories of Kami (from Yokai Collective)

There’s no way I can look to this game and not to think about Ori and the Blind Forest. It’s beautiful graphics and colorful environments resembled me of Moon Studios’ game every time I look at this picture. But don’t you think Memories of Kami is a copy of it: except for their beauty and platforming style, they’re very different from each other.Kami is a magical world of positive energy inhabited by little creatures made of paper, the Origami. From time-to-time, Kami is attacked by dark energy from another world. But under the protection of the nine Guardians of Glory, their inhabitants have nothing to fear. But after the Contamination of the Thousand Years, the most dangerous menace Kami has ever faced, one important Guardian has been corrupted. And after absorbing the power of other Guardians, Kami is at stake against an enemy powerful like nothing before. And it’s up to a lone paper sheet of pure energy, the player, to fold itself in the form of the nine guardians to eliminate this dark menace with their different abilities. Looks interesting, doesn’t it?

The game is under development and scheduled to be released on PC in 2018, but I hope to see an Xbox version as well. So let’s support them always asking for an Xbox version of this beautiful game.

White Lie (from Ambize Studio)

If I had to elect the most delightful experience I had at BGS 2017, It would be when I tried White Lie, from Ambize Studio. Everything the game offers captivated me at first sight: beautiful hand drawn graphics (all of them are work from the lady in the picture above), great original music from the game composer Antonio Teoli (if you never heard of him, I encourage you to look for his previous jobs – or just for the trailer for White Lie) and a beautiful story. White Lie is a 2D adventure where you play as Greg, a plush rabbit in his search for his missing owner and best friend, Emma. Reliving his memories, you’ll know more about their relationship in a fairy-tale like adventure.

The game is under development for PC, but I’m already saving some space on my Xbox hard-drive (and my heart) for it. So please, Ambize, do not hurt my feelings. By the way, the game has a link on Cartase to help the team to complete the game. If you are interested about it, you can help them through this link

Valgard and the Armor of Achilles  (from Revolver Game Studio)

Odin needs you, Norse warrior! To turn the tides of the battle between Asgardians and the giants, you must cross the ancient eight realms and reach the eternal gardens, stepping where no other man has gone before, to retrieve the legendary armor of Achilles.

Valgard is frenetic shoot’em up adventure that can be played in 2 players coop. With beautiful graphics and a great gameplay (loved the upgradable weapons and special attacks!), fans of the genre will have a good time with this little jewel.

Scheduled to be released very soon on PCs, let’s tell the developers how much we would love this game on Xbox as well.


Check back tomorrow for Part 2!