Authors Speak #1 – Most emotional gaming moment

Authors Speak #1 – Most emotional gaming moment

This is a SPOILER HEAVY article for Life is Strange, Gears of War, Final Fantasy and the Walking Dead, so be careful when you start reading this!

One of my most emotional moments in gaming history has to be the ending of The Walking Dead Season 1. My god, how hard I cried then? I have no clue, but that just broke my heart… the emotions between Clementine and Lee, that tragic music,… haha just thinking about it makes me well up again haha!

My first emotional moment in gaming experience must’ve been in the game ‘Life Is Strange’. There was so much going on, not that realistic but still, the drama and sad music made me emotional, the choices I had to make were very difficult for me because a lot of these choices had big consequences on my story progress!

one of the best moments for me is when Dom found his wife in Gears of War 2. I know the third has something even more dramatic, but as I haven’t played it yet, I’m sticking with this moment. Years looking for her during the war and when he finally finds her… 

Robby: (Community Manager Cronos Interactive)
In recent memory: the “I love you guys” campfire moment in Final Fantasy 15. For once the story was more about friends than the main characters love interest and the bond you build with your chocobros was really deep. That moment Noct realises he’ll die, win or lose, was so heartfelt between the 4 of them.