Short review: The Fisherman – Fishing Planet.

Short review: The Fisherman – Fishing Planet.

There is no mistaking it. Fishing has always been a sporting event enjoyed by the select few. Though it’s on a slight rise in popularity with the younger crowd. And while fishing games are not unique, these too are mostly enjoyed by a select crowd. And truth be told, I get why fishing is enjoyed by hobbyists or pro anglers. It’s calming, you get one with nature and it’s an excellent means of disconnecting from a world that ‘s otherwise always online and active. But that’s real fishing. The video games never truly make it that immersive. You cast your line, wait a bit and you get an immediate bite. Because, of course, they need you invested. Will this also be the case for The Fisherman: Fishing Planet? Let us find out in this quick review of The Fisherman: Fishing Planet!

It is clear that Fishing Planet (yes, this is the developer’s name as well) is passionate about fishing. Your first few hours are one big tutorial about all sorts of fishing possibilities. It delves a bit into the store and what kinds of rods that you can create. Each rod can be customized with what kind of lead, tackle,… you want to use. Got your rod ready? Jeez, that sounds dirty. Then it’s time for you to take a walk along the sandy shores of the lake. Cast your line and wait for the QTE to start. And that’s basically about it. The visuals of The Fisherman are impressive in some aspects, but lacking in other departments. Like the way the sun glistens on the surface of the water makes me think wow, that’s actually quite realistic. While on the other hand the overall shore graphics are left wanting. In the case of content? You won’t be disappointed either. There are dozens of places for you to visit across the globe. A multitude of fishes for you to catch, and even more rods for you to assemble. But that’s where I have to say I felt a bit overwhelmed. As a novice, I don’t know what the difference is between the types of line that you can purchase in the in-game store. And I felt that the tutorial didn’t really do justice as to what otherwise is a very detailed game!



While this totally wasn’t my kind of game, I have to give credit where credit is due. Fishing Planet has created a game here that is specifically catered for the experienced fishing enthusiast. But feels kind of lacking for any novice like myself that wants to get into the fishing game. Now, if you really are willing to do some self-research and work with trial and error? I’m sure you’ll come to love The Fisherman: Fishing Planet as well! This truly is an all-inclusive package for anyone who truly has fishing at heart