Altered Carbon (Netflix)

Altered Carbon (Netflix)

 Altered Carbon

Netflix new and ambiguous Sci-Fi series, based on a 2002 novel from Richard Morgan is finally out to binge-watch. This complex R-rated series might be the most expensive serie to date for Netflix, so that brings an extra expectation. Talking about expectations this is the first TV-serie review on! So without further adieu, here is our review for Altered Carbon. 


  • Set in the future, the story from Altered Carbon is one that makes you question if something like that will actually be possible in real. It is about transferring your consciousness into another “sleeve” (body) The super rich (so-called Meth people) live as Gods and kinda have an infinite life.  With underlying plots, great characters (AI Poe was my favorite) and a whodunit story to keep the viewers guessing.
  • I don’t think it was possible to have a better cast for Altered Carbon. The acting is great with some stand out performances from Martha Higareda (Ortega) and Dichen Lachman (Reileen).  With believable performances, despite the sometimes questionable dialogue.
  • R-rated with reason, but oh my gosh.. the action and nudity scenes are awesome.  With some extreme violent gore moments the show doesn’t disappoint, aided by some outstanding special effects. What brings even more excitement is the fact that you always wonder if the action has consequences for the stack, the disc that is inserted into the spine of a human, without destroying this the human soul can continue to survive in another clone body. Needlessly to say, the show has some unexpected real deaths from main characters, mostly in the most brutal ways possible.
  • Emotional moments or heavy action scenes are lifted even higher onto the epicness scale with some excellent selection of songs. Life is Strange fans will recognise The End from Daughter for example. Anyway, with PJ Harvey or Babymetal watchers are bound to get some bone chilling moments from the fantastic music choice.
  • Another strong point from Altered Carbon is the humor that is hidden is all the small little details.  From the Hello Kitty rucksack that Kovacs wears or the memorable fuck you moment, each episode had a perfect balance between action, humor and seriousness.

Mixed Feelings

  • It might be a little bit too much for some viewers, you really have to soak a lot of information about the past, some unexplained events or even moral religion stuff. Altered Carbon really is a series that asks your full attention, missing the slightest hint or information piece will leave you with questions throughout the show.


  • Even though the different spoken languages are cool, I really missed more punch in the dialogue. Character building is done with flashbacks but not all scenes were that necessary. The show has a lot to explain and sometimes fails to give the right information. Especially episode 7, Nora Inu was the shows worst with a too slow pace and some boring conversations.

[Score: 8.5] Altered Carbon does a lot right and sci-fi fans will adore the deep and interesting world. The high budget is evident with some beautiful special effects, great acting and an original story. With impressive action scenes and some hilarious moments Altered Carbon keeps the viewer entertained. 

Episodes: 10  Runtime: 55min Genre: Sci-fi Thriller
Release: 02 February 2018 (Netflix)

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