8 to Glory Review

8 to Glory Review

8 to Glory – A “rhythm or QTE” game is the last thing you think about when looking at bull riding, the Swedish developer Three Gates thought different and released one of the biggest bull-turds I have played in recent months. This entire €30 package features a twenty seconds gameplay loop over and over again and that’s it. Sorry buyers, nothing else to see or experience. Anyway, saddle up and prepare for our official game of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) review.

  • Licensed riders and bulls: I was surprised to see so many different licensed riders and bulls, all with different stats. I don’t follow this professional bull riding sport so I don’t know any of them but I’m sure that fans will enjoy playing with a specific rider or conquering a difficult famous bull. 
  • Card-packs: For each bull ride or event you finish you get some prize money, this can be spend on card packs that contain new clothing and extra rider abilities. While it doesn’t really make sense that specific clothing give you extra grip or strength it is still something that gives a little depth for 8 to Glory. This is entirely done in-game so you won’t be able to spend money on loot crates or anything like that. 

Mixed Feelings

  • Head-to-head mode: I have to admit that playing as a bull in a versus mode is pretty fun, but just like everything else about 8 to Glory the fun is over pretty quickly.  

What is Bad?

  • Gameplay: If this was a mini game in that other cowboy-game (RDR2) people would still say that it was a repetitive and boring experience, the only gameplay that 8 to Glory has on offer is three different kinds of button commands. One is when you sit on the bull while it is still in the cage, you have to press a button at an exact time to get more grip. The second is when the bull is loose, you’ll have to press another button multiple times before a indicator reaches the end while balancing your rider with the analogue stick. Lastly the bull will randomly throw button commands at you. Fail and you fall of your bull. Remember how disappointing it was when Bugs Bunny said That’s all folks? Well, 8 to Glory is eight times more depressing. 
  • Identical and outdated visuals: Not sure what happened here but when you supposedly travel all around America than why do all the arena’s look exactly the same? Such a bleak and honestly boring execution isn’t what I was expecting from a €30 priced game. Everything, from the riders, bulls and crowd looks terribly dated. The heads from the bulls especially, it is like the eyes have been painted on it and remains stuck in the same facial expression.  
  • Limited music & sound: Real announcers or not, you get tired of the same sentences that they sprout out rather quickly. The sound and music is another example that whoever financed this didn’t want to spend a lot of money. 
  • Releasing this kind of game in 2018: While indie-developers have been doing excellent work and quick cash grabs are more and more a thing of the past, it is extremely painful to see something like 8 to Glory that simply doesn’t match the current standard, most mobile games have more content and gameplay. 

8 to Glory | Score: 12 / 100

I honestly don’t understand that a developer or publisher releases something like this. Even for Professional Bull Riders Sports fans this is one of the worst games that you can buy on Xbox One.